When Is a Racist Not a Racist?

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When Is a Racist Not a Racist?

Postby franton » Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:42 am

When Is A Racist Not a Racist.....

When Is A Racist Not a Racist and When is Offensive Singing deemed to Be Non-Offensive? When it is sung by Bigots! At a football cup game at Hampden, two sets of supporters were told prior to the game by the Police not to bring flags to the game - unless they were accompanied by a "Fire-Retardent Certificate." Probably something to do with the fire hazard it would cause in the stadium. One set of fans brought next to no flags to the game, the Celtic Fans. The other lot, don't remember their name, brought and waved, literally hundreds of Union Flags, in order to demonstrate their National devotion, no doubt! Now, please don't tell me that each flagwavers at the other end of the stadium held a FRSC in his / her pocket.

But more than that, some of the songs that came out of the other end that day were particularly nauseating and had nothing at all to do with football and everything to do with Bigotry. Now, perhaps the Scottish Government think that it is okay to sing bigoted songs so long as they aren't racist. Or perhaps they just don't get it and they are just too underwhelmed and undermotivated to do anything about it. But neither the Police, the Football Authorities nor the Press nor the Scottish Government made any mention of the behaviour of City Dingers that day.

Like the one that goes,

"No Pope of Rome,..."

Etc. It basically decries the Roman Catholic Religion and affirms the beliefs of the Orange Faith over all.

Now how is it that the singing of such like is deemed by no-one to be offensive? Do neither the Scottish Government nor the Scottish Football Authorities represent nor speak for the approximately one million Catholics in Scotland? Are Catholic people expected to listen to their Religious Beliefs being decried in public at a football match? What happened to the high profile public campaign to

"Show Racism The Red Card".

Is Public money for such a campaign really being held to account or is it being deliberately squandered? Is it perhaps the case that it is the Scottish Government themselves who are unable to see past the colour of a person's skin? If so, then why are they willing to spend millions of pounds of the Public's money in order to try destroy Racism, when it is they themselves who are propping it up? Everything is accountable. We have God's word for that. If you don't believe me, then just keep bringing your non-fire-retardant flags to the game, long enough and wait and see what happens!

Hail! Hail!

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