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See No... Hear No... Speak No...!

Postby franton » Mon Apr 27, 2015 1:18 am

Well now. That is a full working week and not a word from the Scottish Football Association regarding the game changing / season changing / Treble busting referees' blunder against Celtic in the William Hill Scottish Cup Semi - Final at Hampden Park last Sunday. No surprise though! The easiest thing to do in a crisis... is nothing! Just like sticking your head in the ground and hoping that it all just disappears!Comforting... but not solving any problems! That is where the S.F.A. seem to be at though!

Last season I wrote to them to ask why no action was ever taken against the Aberdeen Fans for their persistent and repeated nauseating obscene chants towards the last former Celtic Manager, at each visit to Celtic Park last season. Hardly conduct of the highest repute! But, no answer came back. So, presumeably they made no enquiry into that matter! Hardly surprising! Perhaps the S.F.A. just didn't hear them? Just like their match officials didn't see the obvious deliberate hand ball last Sunday! Or perhaps they just don't think ten thousand or so fans chanting obscene hatred is anything to get upset about. Good for them but you could hardly say they were doing their jobs properly!

Whatever way you look at it, the S.F.A. are seeming more and more like a dead - duck in the water. One wonders where it will all end? Or perhaps the game is up for the S.F.A. Blind to the obvious, deaf to the things they would rather not listen to and nothing to say about it all either!

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