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Aberdeen Fans' Singing.

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:41 pm
by franton
Celtic 4 Aberdeen 0. 1st. March 2015.
Sadly, once again the "Fans" of Aberdeen let themselves down by nauseus vulgar chanting against the Celtic Manager. There is a thing called "Respect" in football and in sport in general and again the Dons' fans brought their own integrity into question by indulging in the afore-mentioned unacceptable conduct. They do themselves nor indeed Scottish Football any good by their actions. In the current economic climate, when football needs all the support it can get, the chanting of obscene slogans is neither pretty nor conducive to a good family atmosphere inside a football ground. For women and young people to be forced to listen to such bile is not only demeaning, but it is also more likely to drive many decent people out of football, who would otherwise support it, rather than have their ears subjected to slogans which can only be described as best as "Crude".
Maybe the Aberdeen Fans should waken up to the general notion of a "Civilised Society", where each member of said is treated with respect and common courtesy. It might not be a bad thing and it might even have a beneficial effect on their team on the field, as most of them are probably decent enough themselves and would not regard that sort of chant from their "Fans" as an encouragement to them.
The game itself was a cracker and a milestone result for Celtic if they go on to win the league. All credit must go to Celtic players and staff, who were able to rise to the momentous challenge of a top of the table clash, some fifty eight hours only, after holdingout, for eighty - eight minutes, the might of Inter Milan in the San Siro.