It's Football, not Politics !!!!

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It's Football, not Politics !!!!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Sep 14, 2020 12:47 pm

Celtic Football Club have said for many years that supporters need to leave politics at home. Not just Celtic FC, UEFA and FIFA have said the same, we know because we have received many fines for political banners at some of our matches. Well now we find ourselves under the control of the Scottish Government in the form of Nicola Sturgeon and Jason Leitch.

I understand that we need protocols in place to play professional football matches, and they need to be robust during this particularly difficult time. But I don’t believe it should be only down to Government and their advisors. I believe the Football Authorities and the Clubs should have an input. Nicola will know more about politics, and Prof Leitch will know more about science. But the Football people know more about football. It should be a joint discussion and a sensible solution, not a dictate, it’s not Stalinist Russia.

It was good to see some supporters back in at the weekend at Aberdeen and Ross County. Hopefully everything can move forward now, and we can increase the numbers attending. I also think it should be based on capacity, County’s ground holds just over 6,000, Celtic Park holds ten times that, any one of our four stands holds more than 6,000. Hopefully we can have more like 25/30% inside Celtic Park in the not too distant future, after all you can get on a plane along with another 300 people and fly abroad.

As for the football on Saturday at Dingwall, I was very pleased with the result, it’s one of the games where you can never predict what type of game it will be. I thought County played very well, and probably didn’t deserve to lose 5-0, but that’s the nature of the Beast. If it wasn’t for Boli we should be sitting top of the League, but that part is over now, we just need to make sure we win every game now, that’s not easy, but it’s possible as well.

I was pleased for Vasilis Barkas and Shane Duffy, and it was good to see David Tunrbull getting some game time. I don’t know if we can keep all our players, it would be great if we could, and add another left back, get Griff and Big Tam back, and we would be in good shape. The problem is a lot of our players don’t have an emotional attachment to the club, so their agents fill their heads with the notion they can get a lot more money elsewhere, and their heads get turned.

Anyway am not going to finish on negative thoughts. Apart from Kilmarnock and Ferencvaros, we’ve had a good start. Everything must be channelled into the pursuit of the Magical Ten.

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