The time to speak out is when you win a match !!

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Joe O'Rourke
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The time to speak out is when you win a match !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Aug 24, 2020 11:57 am

First of all I’m glad to see Dundee United back in the Premier League. Tannadice has always been one of my favourite grounds in Scotland to visit. I realise the facilities are not great in the stadium, but the prices they charge reflect that. Another feel good factor in the United Support, I’ve been there when we have won comfortably, and I’ve been when we have lost, but I’ve never seen any trouble between the rival supporters, either before or after the game.

Saturday was a tough shift for Broony and the Bhoy’s, but I think we dominated the majority of the match, and but for the outstanding display by the United keeper we would have won more comfortably. It was also very good to see Albian Ajeti score his first goal for the Hoops, hopefully it’s the first of many, he certainly looks like an old style Celtic striker, in the mould of Dixie or Joe McBride, I hope he turns out to be as good as those two Legends.

The thing that annoyed me about the match, was not to do with any of the players performances, it was to do with the Usual Suspect, match official Andrew Dallas. How this guy continues to officiate at top tier matches I have no idea, well actually I do, it’s his hatred for all things Celtic that get him the gigs, ably abetted by his like-minded boss, Head of Referees, Crawford Allan.

The match should have been easy to handle for a half-decent referee, there were not too many problem incidents. But probably the most serious incident was the tackle from behind on Odsonne by United’s Mark Connolly. Connolly raked his studs down the back of the big man’s leg, which could have been really serious. I was at least a yellow card, and could have been a red, but not in Dallas’s blue and orange tinted eyes.

The time to complain about officials is when you win, no point complaining if you lose, it’s just seen as sour grapes. I really think we should be exposing officials like Dallas, he’s not on his lonesome, there are a few who need identified, and we Celtic Supporters certainly know who they are, but we should name and shame them. Will it do any good? Well at least we are showing that we are not accepting their bias against us.

I remember a few years back at our Annual Celtic Rally at Celtic Park. John Reid was Chairman at the time, and I invited him to say a few words. John made one of the best speeches ever at a Rally. He said, they don’t want us to calm down, they want us to lie down, well we won’t be doing that. We don’t want preferential treatment, but we won’t accept anything less than being treated equal. I think it’s time we made that speech again.

Operation stop the Ten is in full flow, time for us to stand together and get it done. No side issues, no separation, all in it together.
Take care and stay safe. Glasgow’s Green & White.

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