Now is our time, let's do this Celtic. No distractions !!

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Now is our time, let's do this Celtic. No distractions !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jul 27, 2020 12:04 pm

Yesterday was another useful run out for our first team squad, although we had a few scares with some of the tackling by the County players. I guess Lenny would have had a prior agreement with the Ross County Manager in terms of how physical the game would be competed, no point in a non-contact match at this stage of preparation for the most important season in our long unbroken History.

It was also an opportunity to have a run of our Virtual Season Ticket, there were some technical issues at the start, which I believe were sorted, there was always going to be teething problems with the amount of supporters trying access for the first time. Let’s hope it’s not too long until we’re back to full capacity, I think we could be disadvantaged the most in these closed door times.

I note this morning Dave Cormack the Aberdeen Chairman once again lecturing us all on how to run Scottish Football. This is a guy who I believe is still residing in the United States of America pontificating over Scottish Football, a guy who has had less than a season of experience. This is the same Chairman who sits in a half empty stadium while locking outside thousands of willing to pay Celtic supporters, financial madness for Aberdeen FC, who he keeps telling us are having to massively cut costs to survive.

I think Mr Cormack believes that he should call the shots in Scottish Football, after all he tells us he is a successful business man in the USA. I believe Cormack is so smart that he voted for Donald Trump, that fact alone should debar him from holding any sort of office. Anyone who believes that Donald Trump is the answer, didn’t understand the question in the first place.

There is only one obvious choice to be the voice of Scottish Football, and that is Peter Lawwell, the CEO of the most successful Football Club in Scotland, and one of the most successful in Europe. It can’t always be perfect, but over the last seventeen years there has been far more success than failure. Three Trebles in a Row, and hopefully a fourth before the end of this year, hard to argue with that.

When it comes to Scottish Football I am totally selfish, I only care about Glasgow Celtic, in fact I should get my season ticket for half-price, as I’m only there to see one team. Now Europe is a different ball-game if you’ll excuse the pun. I loved watching Xavi, Iniesta, and Messi at Celtic Park and Barcelona. But we have to know our place in European Football, I certainly believe we should reach the Group Stages of the Champions league, anything after that is a bonus.

But for this season there is only one target, and that is “Ten in a Row” I never talked about that before the end of last season, we had to get to Nine first, which we did, so it’s now firmly in our sights. I think we are in great shape for the coming season, sure we need some players coming in, we especially need to sort out the Goalkeeping situation, but I have great confidence is the way we approach transfers. We don’t have to do everything quickly, we have to do it right, by getting the right players in.

So here’s to next week, and another successful season. It’s all down to us, nobody will be doing us any favours. So let’s all stand together and get it done.
Glasgow’s Green & White. Stay safe everyone, and take care.

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