Time for Celtic to look after ourselves.

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Time for Celtic to look after ourselves.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jun 08, 2020 12:54 pm

Is it not time we decided categorically which format Scottish Professional Football will go with next season? All this huffing and puffing about new league numbers is becoming very tedious, and quite frankly we’re running out of time to change anyway. I think clubs have enough to worry about just now without adding to their worries, we need to find a way to get Supporter’s into games ASAP.

The latest attempt from Sevco to change should immediately send warning signs throughout the rest of the SPFL. I can never remember a time when either Newco or Oldco ever did anything that was beneficial to anyone other than themselves. I can vividly remember all the cheating they did against all the other clubs in Scotland, and indeed throughout Europe, and they still try to deny the cheating. But that was them helping themselves, certainly not helping anyone else, in fact the complete opposite.

I suppose it’s a change from Ann Budge trying anything to save Hearts from relegation. Is it not time for the SPFL to say we go next season with the Status Quo, and let’s move on? As far as I know only two clubs, Celtic and Ross County have purchased the testing machines, I know these things come at considerable cost, but how can we possibly start without at least regional testing machines, which could be used by several clubs. To my knowledge Sevco haven’t purchased a machine, they’ve been too busy buying even more players.

I’ve quoted Peter Lawwell before saying that Celtic Football Club has a “Stand Alone Policy” maybe we need to emphasise that now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for Celtic to be leaders, and to help out where possible, but I don’t remember much support coming the other way, we have to look after our own interests first and foremost.

We have been lectured a couple of times by Aberdeen Chairman Dave Cormack about what’s best for Scottish Football. People tell us he knows what he’s talking about because he’s a successful business man. Well let me ask him this, would you build a 100 room hotel and be happy for only 30 rooms to be used, even when there are people outside asking to come in, and pay for the privilege? That’s what he does with Pittodrie Stadium when Celtic come to play there. The same happened at Hibernian, Hearts, and Kilmarnock. These clubs tell us they’re struggling financially, but are happy to throw money away by denying access. I know it’s changed for a couple, but the fact it happened tells a story.

All I’m personally concerned with now is Celtic Football Club, and how we proceed through the new season. There will be different challenges, in terms of closed door matches, we will certainly miss our massive support, both at home and away from home, so we need to concentrate on ourselves. The EPL starting up again shortly should give us some pointers as to how it’s working out. Hopefully we can learn from them, and maybe it won’t be too long before we are back at Celtic park cheering on the Champions, The Mighty Glasgow Celtic.
Take care everyone, and stay safe.

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