No surprise about who the Club doing all the moaning is.

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No surprise about who the Club doing all the moaning is.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri Apr 17, 2020 3:44 pm

Obviously this is a very difficult time for everyone in the World, and you have to admit that sport comes a very poor second to people’s lives. But life must go on, and in as close a manner as reasonably possible to normal. After all, sport, and I’m only talking football here, is also a business, people make their living through football, from the top international stars down to the cleaners, that’s just a fact.

In this present situation with Scottish Football, it has thrown up some real problems for all the professional teams, and most of those problems are financial, that’s understandable, unlike the rich pastures of the English Premier League, the clubs in Scotland derive most of their income through the pockets of their own supporters. The pain of loss of income effects Celtic FC less because as a big club we have been run properly for many years.

Now Celtic Football Club and our supporters have stated from the outset that we wanted to complete the season. The problem with that is, no-one knows when this Pandemic will be under control, and when professional football can resume again in its’s normal manner. As I said already Celtic are best placed to be able to continue for at least a couple of months without seeking loans, but most of the rest of the teams don’t have that luxury, if you can call it that. So a decision had to be made to help out the teams who were struggling most with finances, and that’s what has happened.

That situation was not going to suit every team, albeit most teams needed the money from the placing’s pay-out, and I can understand why some teams were looking for a different way of helping out financially, rather than declaring final League placings, because for some it meant relegation, or failing to get a play-off place, obviously there was reverse of that scenario, in that teams are now safe in their division, who might have been relegated.

But the one who sticks out most, is the team who we expected to moan the most. The team that for many, many years just had to pick up the phone to one of the Brethren and all their concerns disappeared. It’s a different ball-game now, that team died in 2012, and they don’t have the clout now that they used to have, albeit there are still some teams who would vote with them most times.

Just what exactly got Sevco in such a state? After all, their situation cannot change, they are second (first last), and probably lucky to be there. I can understand Hearts and Partick Thistle being upset, they are being relegated, and I have to say, I have far more sympathy with Thistle than Hearts, Hearts are bottom because they deserve to be, they won 4 games out of 30, that’s relegation form in any League. We all know why Sevco are raging, it’s all to do with Celtic securing a 2nd Nine in a Row, and leaves the door very much open for a Historic Ten in a Row. Any opportunity to try to stop Celtic doing the 10, must be grabbed, because we all know they will never stop us on the field of play.

I have to agree that the SPFL didn’t cover themselves in glory with the way they handled the vote, but at the end of the day over 80% voted for the proposal, that’s a fair majority in any vote. But again Sevco aren’t happy, what really gets them annoyed, is that they no longer rule the roost, even though their own CEO sits on the SPFL board, the body who organised the resolution.

One more thing that astounds me but doesn’t surprise me is the call for league reconstruction. Well not so much the call for it, that usually happens every season, but who they have put in charge of finding a solution. They have put in charge the people who run clubs who finished bottom and second bottom of the SPL. Budge voted against the resolution because she didn’t want relegated, I wonder what kind of reconstruction she would propose, certainly one that doesn’t involve Hearts getting relegated, and that’s for sure.

Finally, although I haven’t given a lot of thought to reconstruction, I’m delighted that Dundee Utd are back in the SPL, but I will not be at all happy with Inverness being back in. inverness bring nothing to the League, their stadium is probably better suited to the Junior League, they don’t even have proper toilet facilities for visiting supporters. We are at this stage 57 points ahead of Hearts, what level of competition is Inverness going to bring, apart from a Highland Derby? I guess nothing.

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