We'll be back, and we'll be Champions again.

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We'll be back, and we'll be Champions again.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 30, 2020 11:53 am

We are living in exceptional times when football seems to most people not to matter, but if we are ever going to get back to normality, then football is going to a part of it for many people throughout the World, not just in Scotland, and rightly so.

My preference is for the season to finish, and for Celtic to be Champions for the ninth time in a row. The same with the Scottish Cup, which can be concluded in a week, with only two semi-final’s and a final to play. It can be played at the start of next season if need be.

The problem is, how long can we wait for a decision to be made? The major problem being the European placing for next season, assuming that the Champions League and Europa League are going to take place as normal.

The problem is this, it appears that it’s not only the SFA/SPL that don’t have a clue what to do, UEFA are ducking out of their responsibilities as well, by throwing back to the Home Authorities very important decisions, are UEFA not there to show guidance, and give expert advice to National Associations who don’t have the financial clout to employ the best advisors themselves? Or are they just there to make money?

Let’s look at the situation in Scottish Football. It seems to be a mixed bag of opinions, the only ones who have spoken out are the ones directly involved at the top and bottom of the SPL. The new Rangers (Newco) want a Null & Void season, they don’t want to play, they just want the money, as do Hearts it would appear. Let’s say Aberdeen were top of the League by 13 points, Newco would be delighted to name them Champions, anyone but Celtic would be approved. Same at the bottom, if it was any two from St Mirren, Hamilton, or Ross County, then Hearts would be the delighted for one of them to be relegated. Hearts are bottom because they have won 4 games out of 30, simple as that.

A good friend of mine, John Grant, has a solution, which could probably work. Start the season again when it’s safe to do so, and the final positions are decided on 38 games, so no dubiety. Next season, the twelve teams play each other home and away, that’s 22 games. Then have the split, each team in the top six and bottom six play each other home and away again, which means a 32 game season. But most importantly, for the benefit of the broadcasters we would have 4 Glasgow Derby’s, well, that is if Newco are still alive then.

Every team has been effected by COVID-19 financially, the team best placed to survive, is of course Celtic Football Club. That comes down to how the Club is run on a day to day basis by Peter Lawwell and the Board. It is also down to the business model which we use, that model sees us with a healthy bank balance, but depending on how long it takes to get back, it won’t last for ever.

Bearing that in mind, I have seen a couple of post talking about getting a season ticket refund if we don’t complete the season as normal, for instance playing behind closed doors, or deciding now the League placings stand. I can only speak for myself and a few friends I have spoken to, I would not seek a refund under those circumstances, I would be happy for the Club to retain the full price of my season ticket. If the other clubs ganged up on us that would be different, I would want a full refund for each away game I attend, and I was at every one. I would be happy for the Club to retain that money as well.

Our Great Club is acting once again as we the Supporters would want them to act. They have retained jobs, they continue to pay wages, but most importantly, they continue to walk in the footsteps of Walfrid. They are helping those in society who are less fortunate than ourselves. That is the Celtic way, and always should be the Celtic way, that is what makes us different from most of the rest.

Stay safe everyone, we will be back some time, and Glasgow Celtic will be Champions, and Glasgow will be Green and White once again.

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