Tell them to Stick their Ticket's !!!!!

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Tell them to Stick their Ticket's !!!!!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri May 25, 2018 11:56 am

I must admit when I saw the news yesterday about Sevco’s unilateral decision to cut Celtic’s allocation of tickets for the Bigot Dome next season, it didn’t come as any surprise, I had an inclination they would do that over a year ago.

Whether that actually happens remains to be seen, it could just be another piece of skulduggery by Dodgy Dave King to sell season tickets, after all his marquee signings seem to be thin on the ground, and their gullible followers aren’t hard to dupe, in fact they actually thrive on being made a Mug of, what other reason would there be for it happening so frequently?

I’m not entirely convinced it will actually happen for a couple of reasons. First of all I’m not convinced that Police Scotland or Sevco would be able to 100% guarantee the safety of such a small number of Celtic Supporters stuck in a corner surrounded by absolute hate filled bigots. Even when they played the Mighty Morton a couple of season ago, the away supporters were bombarded with missiles, so what do you imagine the Celtic Supporters would endure?

Secondly, there was a statement made by the Glib and Shameless Liar at the Sevco AGM in 2016 in relation to a demand from their followers to cut our allocation, this is what he said then.

“The strong safety and security advice from the police, which is supported by our own security team, is that we should continue with the present arrangement as this is the safest allocation of tickets from a segregation point of view and, most importantly, it is the basis upon which we have been awarded our Safety Certificate”. So have the conditions upon which they receive a Safety Certificate changed to allow for such a small allocation of tickets?

It could well be that Dodgy Dave is pandering to his hordes by all the bluster about carrying out their wishes. It may well be that he knows police Scotland would not allow that situation to take place, after all, this is the same Police Scotland who were terrified of having to Police a match when Celtic could win the championship against them.

I remember discussing this scenario with Peter Lawwell after they trashed the toilets at Celtic Park and refused to pay for the damage. I believed at that time that they would strike first and cut our allocation, I have been proved to be right about that now. Peter in fact had spoken to Stewart Robertson about it, Robertson assured Peter that wouldn’t happen so long as both clubs maintained the status quo, it appears his word isn’t his bond, or did King overrule him?

My own thoughts on the matter right now is this. If that is to be the allocation, tell them to “STICK THEM” I would rather have no supporters there than a tiny number who would be at great risk of serious injury, and obviously, I would be giving them absolutely zilch for the home of the History Making Double Treble Winners.

The fault for all this lies firmly at the door of the SFA and the SPFL. If the clowns running Scottish Football had stood up to Sevco and King’s bullying and intimidation right at the start, we wouldn’t have these problems now. For the last six years Sevco and their followers (I won’t call them supporters) has rampaged through all the leagues in Scotland, bringing us their own particular brand of sectarian bigotry. The only club who has stood up to them has been Celtic, shame on the rest of them.

Finally it was Comedy Gold last night listening to King talking about the integrity of non ex SFA board member Gary Hughes, who allegedly made comments about the followers of Oldco. Hughes is a self-confessed Celtic Supporter, apparently that should debar him from being a board member. I suppose it puts Gary at odds with serial muppets Petrie and McRae. Anyone that is the opposite of those two Idiots should be welcomed with open arms.

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