Brendan suckers the Sports Writers. The Treble Treble is on !!

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Brendan suckers the Sports Writers. The Treble Treble is on !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon May 21, 2018 11:50 am

I had a fantastic weekend watching the Famous Glasgow Celtic become even more Famous, that’s if that is at all possible. Around 90,000 Celtic supporters passed through the turnstiles at Celtic Park and the dump that is the national stadium on Saturday and Sunday. Only Celtic Football club could draw an almost full house for an end of season Testimonial match 24 hours after winning the Scottish Cup.

I have attended all the testimonial matches Celtic have took part in over many years, both at home and away. And I would say that our Captain Fantastic Scott Brown merited his testimonial match just as much as any player that has went before him. Broony has been a Colossus for us, particularly over the last two seasons since Brendan arrived, and whatever Brendan has him doing in training or diet, I sincerely hope he keeps it up.

I was very confident on Saturday against Motherwell, although they have gave us problems this season, I always believed Brendan would find a way to win. He tweaked his formation in the middle of the park, and that allowed us to dominate the game with the players we have operating in midfield. And what about Big Moussa, it’s like having Bobo Balde back, but this time playing as a centre forward. Moussa just bullied their defenders, and was very unlucky not to score. (I wasn’t happy either as I backed 3-0).

So after Celtic create more History by winning a Double Treble, our brilliant Manager/Coach finds himself overlooked by the Scottish Sports Writers for the Manager of the Year Award. I really find it very hard to understand the thinking behind choosing Stevie Clarke, I suppose you could argue that he kept Kilmarnock in the SPL, but would that not be the case every year, some team has to avoid relegation.

I could just imagine the furore if the historical feat had been achieved by Sir Watty, or Jock Wallace, or the sports writer himself Willie Waddell, the Army Reserves would have been on standby. It must give hacks like McGowan, Leckie, and Jackson great satisfaction that the stopped the Mighty Glasgow Celtic winning one trophy. How many times did Sir Furious win the award in England? The likes of Jose and Pep must cast their eyes up here and thank God they don’t work in this wee country.

This season was never going to be as good as last season, it’s never the same, and you can only be the first team to be invincible once, just like being the first team to be Double Treble Winner’s. Next season there is a new target, the first Treble Winning Team, you will get short odds from the bookies on that one.

Brendan will obviously strengthen his squad during the summer, we could go with the same again but we need a wee bit more quality to compete in the Champions League. I will be sorry to see Pat Roberts leaving, I would have signed Pat permanently if we had the opportunity, but maybe he wants to prove himself in the EPL, it also might open the door for Mikey Johnston to come in and put pressure on James Forrest.

There are sure to be more players leaving, and certainly at least a couple coming in. Brendan did great business getting the Wizard of Oz on a five year deal, and the same with Kris Ajer, Kieran is already on a six year contract. The future looks very bright indeed, it looks Green & White.

We can now have a wee break to recharge the batteries, just like our players, the supporters enjoy a wee break as well. So Congratulation to Brendan, to all his Staff, and to our Brilliant Captain and Leader Scott Brown and all the players. Enjoy your holidays Bhoys here’s to the Treble Treble !!!!!!! Hail Hail !!!!!!!

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