Never mind Lustig, the whole team could have donned a Polis Uniform.

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Never mind Lustig, the whole team could have donned a Polis Uniform.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:01 pm

I’m not surprised that everyone has followed the lead of the Celtic Supporters Association and named Scott Brown as Scottish Football’s Player of the Year. Captain Fantastic Broony has been absolutely immense this season. There has been games this season when he has dragged us to victory almost single handed. The best thing is, there is more to come from Broony.

There was also Three in a Row for Kieran Tierney by winning for the third year in a row the Young player of the Year award. Kieran once again has been outstanding during the season, you forget that he is still only twenty years of age, he is without doubt a fantastic football player, if he was of a mind to leave Celtic (which he isn’t) there would be a queue all the way down London Road of the representative of the very best clubs in the world.

The shock for me and many others I presume, was the Manager of the Year award going to St Mirren manager Jack Ross. Now I don’t have any problem with Jack Ross being named Championship Manager of the Year, but being name ahead of Brendan Rodgers is an absolute disgrace. Even Ross winning ahead of the job done by both Neil Lennon and Steve Clarke is a joke.

Brendan Rodgers has won five trophies in a row, if we win the Scottish Cup it will be six in a row, a Historic Double Treble, which has never been done before, even by the Great Jock Stein. But even in creating history Brendan will be denied being named Manager of the Year, you have to ask yourself, was that a decision based on football alone? Or is it something more sinister than that? I’m betting on the latter.

Yesterday at Celtic Park was absolutely fantastic, what a day, and what a way to win the Title. Everything went right for us, except we should have scored more goals. If Morelos is worth £15 million, then what would Odsonne Edouard be worth? And I’m talking real money here, not kid-on Chinese money.

The word on the street on Friday was that the Sevconians were going to stay right to the very end to spoil our party. All I can say about that is, Dodgy Dave King must have been organising that demonstration. It is a stain on Scottish Football when this guy is still seen as Fit & Proper to run a football club in Scotland. The same guy who was called a “Glib and Shameless liar” not by a Celtic Supporter, but by a High Court judge in South Africa, that just about sums up the SFA.

I note this morning that Police Scotland were unhappy with Mikael Lustig for donning a polis man’s hat while celebrating our third goal, they have actually complained to Celtic about it, how embarrassing is that? It’s different I suppose if it’s one of the Tartan Army, who have been getting pictured doing exactly the same thing all over the world. You would have thought that they were happy that the game was over without any major incidents, I know for a fact they were terrified of the Sevco Hordes invading the pitch. Maybe the solution is this, the next time we play against the deid club, all our players play in full polis uniform, right down to the Doc Marten boots.

With only two weeks left of the season, it will be interesting to see if SFA Compliance Officer Tony McGlennan completes his investigation into the awarding of a UEFA licence to Oldco Rangers in 2011. I mean it’s only been about eight months since he began his work, if he needs any help he only needs to ask the likes of John James, Auld Heid, or Paul Brennan, they have all the information he would require.

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