Great Victory despite CHEATING Collum !!!

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Joe O'Rourke
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Great Victory despite CHEATING Collum !!!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:44 am

I certainly don’t agree with the price of a ticket when we go to the Bigot Dome in Govan, but yesterday afternoon was the best £49 I’ve spent in a long long time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself along with the other 8,000 or so Celtic Supporters.

It was a fantastic display from Celtic despite the futile attempts by Collum and Ross to deny us a well-deserved victory. I honestly thought that was the worst display of refereeing I have ever witnessed, and I’ve witnessed quite a few in my 60 odd years following Glasgow Celtic all over the world.

The red card for Jozo was probably debatable, his elbow is certainly up, but he never took his eye off the ball at any time. But your man Ross (he of the Tory Party) couldn’t shout loud enough to Collum (who should be in the Tory Party) that it was a red card offence. Morelos himself is no saint himself, he regularly is late in tackles, and leaves his studs in continually.

But it was Collum’s overall display which I found particularly infuriating. Almost every tackle made by a Celtic player was given as a foul. I keep repeating myself about the influence Hugh Dallas still holds over Scottish Referees. How a man can be sacked over the sending of a sectarian email about the leader of the Catholic Faith and still retain his position at UEFA baffles me.

As was normal yesterday the Bigot Dome lived up to its reputation as the most hate filled stadium in football. When any Celtic player went to take a corner they were bombarded with missiles. Was it not Collum’s job as match official to show a duty of care to the Celtic players and get something done about it? Should he not be telling the Sevco officials to sort it out? And should Police Scotland not be doing something about it as well?

At the end of the day it was just another day at the office for Broony and the players. I wonder if the Sevco players were still cheering after the game, we played more than a third of the game with ten men and they still couldn’t beat us, Natural Order and all that. So much for a title challenge, nine points ahead with a game in hand to Dundee at home, doesn’t exactly put fear into anyone at Celtic.

So well done to Brendan and all his staff, and of course Massive congratulations to Broony and the Players. You all collectively with our Fantastic Support done our club Proud yesterday, long may it continue. Glasgow’s Green and White Hail Hail Onwards and Upwards, the Record’s keep on coming.

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