Cheats, both on the park and off it !!

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Cheats, both on the park and off it !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:43 am

I keep saying referees cannot get any worse, then you get John Beaton at Celtic Park and again you say can it get any worse? This guy is just either totally useless, and therefore should never have reached the grade he is in, or what’s more likely is that he Hates Celtic and goes out in every one of our games he takes charge of to prove it.

I really hate moaning about referees after a game we have not won, I believe we should complain after games which we have won, and that would be most of the time. I am sure that managers of visiting teams to Celtic Park will make their players aware in their team talk that they will get away with a lot of stuff they wouldn’t normally get away with.

Yesterday afternoon was very frustrating after the heights we reached on Thursday night against Zenit, I don’t think with seven changes we could expect the same display, but it was disappointing none the less. But even allowing for a less effective display we should still have enough quality to see off St Johnstone.

That’s where your man Beaton comes in. Brendan often talks about the fluency in our game, but when opposing players do not allow you to get into a rhythm by continually fouling you, it’s impossible to be fluent. St Johnstone had over twenty fouls awarded against them, and that should have been at least double that figure, but that number of fouls resulted in four yellow cars for the Saint’s (that’s a poor attempt at humour) and I believe the first yellow was given around 75 minutes, very strange, it would be interesting to find out in which minute the first yellow was awarded in other matches.

I firmly believe it’s time we did a bit more shouting about the “HONEST MISTAKES” I would have a dvd of all of our matches sent to some retired first class referee, (obviously not a Scottish one) for their comments, it’s done every week on SKY Sports so should not be hard to do, and not cost the earth. Someone like Dermott Gallagher or Howard Webb, someone who doesn’t depend on Hugh Dallas to climb the ladder at UEFA.

Anyone who thinks Dallas doesn’t have a big influence on Scottish Referees isn’t thinking very clearly, he is one of the most powerful men at UEFA in terms of refereeing appointments. He can decide whether a referee is officiating in the Champions League or in the lower leagues.

Add to Beaton’s display the tactics of Tommy Wright and we would all be better watching the winter Olympics at home. I kind of understand that our squad is of a higher quality than Wrights, but when he saw the Celtic team sheet would he not have thought of being less brutal and more adventurous, maybe actually stop the constant fouling and time wasting and try to actually win the football match.

Finally I note we still have not heard anything from the SFA Compliance Officer Tony McGlennan with regards to his investigation into the issuing of a UEFA licence to Sevco in season 2011/12. It’s now been five months into the so-called investigation and we have not heard a squeak from him. He could have made the job very easy by consulting the Celtic Resolution 12 Bhoys, they have all the information required, and would I’m sure be happy to pass it onto him.

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