A chance for change, but we need to act now !!

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A chance for change, but we need to act now !!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:03 pm

Maybe through the shambles surrounding the SFA and Stewart Regan’s resignation there can be a positive outcome, it would take a bit of time, but Scottish Football could be saved if the right action was taken and the right people were installed in the important positions.

Regan made all the promises at the start, he promised transparency and accountability, and although he certainly wasn’t innocent, he would never have imagined how much power and influence the people he was going to work with wielded in Scottish Football.

All the power doesn’t have to be inside Hampden, think of the influence you have if you are a main sponsor of say the Scottish Cup, or the company with the television rights to show games, with all due respect who wants to watch games that don’t involve Celtic and Sevco, and maybe for different reasons.

The main stakeholders in Scottish Football, the ones who pay through the turnstiles every week, are the ones whose opinions are ignored. The biggest support in Scotland is undoubtedly Celtic, and by that statistic the ones who invest the most financially is the Celtic Supporters, but in contrast, the ones who get shafted the most is the Celtic Support.

I have followed Celtic for over 60 years and can never remember a time when our support and team weren’t cheated by referees, and it’s still rife today, you only have to look at Saturday’s display by McLean, 21 fouls against Celtic resulted in one yellow card for a Thistle player, the previous week at Kilmarnock we had 3 yellow’s from 6 foul’s, using that analogy the whole Thistle team should have been booked.

But let’s look for a positive from the whole sorry episode. Peter Lawwell and Celtic tried to show a bit of leadership a few months ago by asking for an independent review into all the goings-on within Scottish Football, we never received any support for that from Regan and his cronies within the SFA, and by his cronies I would identify them as McRae and Petrie, they are the ones with the most to lose, and more importantly the most to hide.

There is now an opportunity for all football supporters to put pressure on their respective club leaders to now back Celtic’s call for an independent review. We also need supporters to demand the removal of McRae and Petrie if they don’t agree to resign with immediate effect.

Scottish Football needs to divorce itself from the influence of Sevco and Sevco men. There was a clamour for Smith to be offered the Scottish Managers job, why were the media not shouting for Kenny Dalglish who is four years younger than Smith. Dalglish actually played for Scotland, and had a very successful managerial career in the English premiership. Watty has exactly the same number of Premier League winners medal’s and International Caps as me.

At this stage I’m actually not sure who is in control, is it McRae, ably abetted by Petrie? The silence coming from Hampden is deafening, the supporters are once again in the dark. The best man for the CEO job in Scotland is Peter Lawwell, and thank God he is already in a better job with Celtic, and so therefore not available. But I’ll bet you one thing, ask him who he would recommend, and I’ll bet it would be someone capable of dragging Scottish Football into the 21st century, but McRae and Petrie probably don’t have Peter’s number, he probably refused to give them it

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