Operation Fill Hampden with Sevco Peepel.

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Operation Fill Hampden with Sevco Peepel.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:56 am

Well surprise surprise, the Scottish Media have come up with the perfect solution to all the problems in Scottish Football, revert back to what Craig Levein would describe as “Natural Order” in simple terms get Real Rangers Men (or Women) in charge.

We get rid of one clown in Stewart Regan and idiots like Keith Jackson want to replace him with a 69 year old manager, who doesn’t have an attacking bone in his body. So much for dragging the SFA into the 21st century.

What they really want is people steeped in the Sevco traditions, they need to stop Celtic at any cost, I know the Scotland Manager wouldn’t have much impact on domestic football, but he would still be in place to have an influence at Hampden.

The other name getting banded about is Alex McLeish, strange that both of them have been in the Scotland managers job in the past, Watty dumped Scotland to go back to his beloved Rangers, and the only reason Eck was Scotland manager was because Rangers dumped him.

And why not team them up with a Real Rangers person as Chief Executive, someone like Leeann Dempster, she has the main qualification, she is a Rangers supporter and former season ticket holder. Or could it be Martin Bain? Or even Watty and Eck? One thing is for sure it won’t be any Celtic minded person.

And while they are at it, why not bring back Hugh Dallas as head of referees, he appears to be doing a good job of manipulation from afar, and I’m certain that’s what’s happening. Scotland match officials can’t be that bad naturally, you would have to be totally blind to make some of the decisions they do.

Take Saturday for instance, and one of the worst referees in history Kevin Clancy, I can only describe his as a “BLATANT CHEAT” right out of the Dallas and Dougie Dougie school of refereeing. Let’s be straight here, we didn’t deserve to win at Kilmarnock on Saturday, but the stats don’t add up.

We had 69% possession, we had 6 fouls against us resulting in 3 yellow cards, surely that’s got to be a record, Scott Brown and Eboue Kouassi got booked for their first foul in the match. Contrast that to Kilmarnock who had 31% possession and had 17 fouls resulting in 4 bookings, what’s the famous “Balance of Probabilities of that?)

It looks like Operation Stop the 10 is in full force, the problem is that Sevco are rotten, and having said that, they blootered Aberdeen 3 times in a row, so who is going to stop us? Well in my opinion the match officials have a better chance than any of our competitors.

In the drive to get an Independent Review of Scottish Football, (which Regan refused) we asked for the other teams and supporters to back us, that never happened. In the event of Petrie and McRae trying to fill Hampden with Real Anti-Celtic Pro-Sevco people, it will be once again down to Celtic and their Supporters to oppose them, because no-one else in Scottish Football will stand up to the Bullies and Intimidators.

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