Confidentiality Clause Mr Regan.

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Confidentiality Clause Mr Regan.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:39 pm

Well eventually it’s happened, Scottish CEO Stewart Regan has resigned his position at the SFA, and I think it’s more likely there was an agreement with McRae and Petrie that allowed him to go with a good payoff.

You can bet on one thing, Regan will have had to sign a “Confidentiality Clause” to receive his 30 pieces of silver, he knows far too much about the shenanigans surrounding Rangers 1872/Sevco, and too many people are involved. I suspect if the whole truth came out the Scottish Government would need to find the money to build a new Top Security Prison,

Regan has presided over disaster after disaster at the SFA, there is a very long list of his non-achievements, but let’s be clear about one thing, if Regan has lost his job over a jaunt to South America for a couple of Friendlies, then that’s a joke.

If Regan hasn’t signed a “Confidentiality Clause” there will be quite a few people having sleepless nights, and the vast majority of the shambles and Dishonesty surrounds Oldco/Newco. Guys like David Murray, Craig Whyte, Andrew Dickson, Campbell Ogilvie, Charles Green, and don’t forget Dodgy Dave King.

There has been many times during Regan’s eight years at the helm when he could have been a proper administrator, he could have did what he promised and had a more honest, transparent, and accountable Scottish Football, but for whatever reason, he carried on as before by letting Oldco/Newco dictate the terms of reference.

The Tax Case, DOS/EBT scandal, the five way agreement, the Lord Nimmo Smith fiasco, the honest mistakes, Financial Fair Play, or lack of it, the refusal to co-operate with an independent review, the Michael O’Neill shambles, not forgetting the many embarrassments involving the Scottish National Team, and he is off because of a couple of friendlies, don’t make me laugh.

I bet the person who works the shredder at Hampden is going to be busy over the next few days. McRae and Petrie will try to claim the high ground, but both of them should have been kicked out along with Regan, they two and a few more.

The people who should get credit for getting rid of Regan are not on the SFA, it’s people like the Resolution 12 Bhoys, James Forrest, Phil, John James, Paul Brennan, and the only Club in Scotland to stand up for honesty and integrity, Celtic Football Club.

The sycophants in the Scottish Media will also try to claim some credit, but they were complicit in all the lies as well. Hack’s like Jackson, McGowan, Waddell, Ralston, Leckie, and the main culprit pulling the strings, Jabba the Hutt Traynor.

Goodbye Mr Regan, I would love you to come now and tell the whole truth, but I suspect that would come at a cost to you, and not only financially.

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