Brendan's Bhoy's did just enough.

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Joe O'Rourke
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Brendan's Bhoy's did just enough.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:45 pm

After Saturday’s victory at the Bigotdome I’m convinced Brendan Rodgers is even smarter than I thought he was, how else could you explain Celtic only winning by 2-0 at the crumbling Ibrox Park against a rotten Sevco team?

I think Brendan is happy to have the bold Pedro in the Sevco manager’s chair, that’s probably why we didn’t give them another battering on Saturday. I mean if they had got hammered and were forced to axe Pedro, they might end up with a manager that actually knows what he is doing.

I never like going to Snake Mountain, mostly because of the bile and hatred that pours down from the Sevco sections, and it was no different on Saturday. But there is no better place to win a football match and watch those who are a stain on society going away with their tail between their legs, humiliated once again.

It was a very comfortable victory for Celtic, and in Scott Brown we had the best player on the park by a country mile, the only Sevco man to get close to Broony was Pedro on the touchline at half-time. He told anyone who would listen that he signed the two best midfield players in the country, in Jack and Dorrans, well on Saturday’s evidence Broony will still be Captain of Celtic when he’s “Fifty”.

There will be far greater challenges for us this season than Sevco will provide, starting with Anderlecht on Wednesday night. That is a game where we really need to get a result to give us a chance of European Football after Christmas. That was always the case from the first minute the draw was made, realistically we were always playing for third place, although we always have a chance of beating any team at Celtic Park.

PSG are set up to win the Champions League. They would have went into the match at Celtic Park full of confidence, and when you watched them play you can understand why. PSG did to us what we are doing to all the other teams in Scotland, and that is purely down to finances, when you can afford to pay what they pay, you would expect to sign the very top class players, and they have.

Unless we can somehow get ourselves into a different League things are not going to change too much. We can still unearth some great young players, but unless they have the mentality of Kieran Tierney they will want to use Celtic to get to a bigger League.

And talking about playing in a different League, the latest revelation that the SPFL have now withdrawn from organising an independent review of the goings on and governance in Scottish Football because of the intransigence of the SFA is soul destroying. The honest everyday football supporters are scunnered with it all, the Cheats are being allowed to win. But all is not lost just yet, there are still a few irons in the fire. The fight for justice goes on.

John Andrews
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Re: Brendan's Bhoy's did just enough.

Postby John Andrews » Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:30 am


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