Back to you Mr Regan.

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Joe O'Rourke
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Back to you Mr Regan.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:48 pm

The one thing we certainly can’t do in the demand for justice through an independent review is to give up trying. No matter how many times Regan and his cronies say no, we must keep saying “Aye”.

There are a lot of great minds out there, a lot of them are Celtic supporters, (I don’t include myself in that category) somehow we need to get them together and pool their thoughts and ideas to push the issue forward in such a way that it cannot be denied.

I have again written to Regan at the SFA this morning. The fight must continue.

Mr Regan,
I’m pretty sure your as fed up with me writing to you as I am in doing the writing, but I, like a lot of genuine football supporters in Scotland are not going to give up just because of you and your colleagues intransigence, that would be akin to siding with you and the “CHEATS” within Scottish Football.

What has been asked for by Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell is to drag Scottish Football into the world of Honesty & Integrity, that is something that you appear to fear, and I must confess that doesn’t surprise me, because I firmly believe you are up to your neck in the collusion with Rangers Oldo and Newco.

What right minded administrator would refuse the chance to clarify to the major stakeholders in their organisation, the goings on in the most damning Cheating Scandal of any sporting institution in Scotland in history?

I have said to you before that we all know that the representatives of Rangers Football Club were being untruthful in their version of the facts regarding players contracts, I asked you then if you were colluding with them and therefore lying yourself, I never got an answer, but I don’t need one now, because I, and many others believe you were.

Many clubs in Scotland suffered because of the cheating by Rangers. Clubs lost matches in cup competitions, and clubs were relegated because of the unfair advantage gained by Rangers actions. Celtic were certainly denied the opportunity to compete in the Champions League because of the lying by Rangers, and by you either believing the lies, or actually being part of the lies.

I have been following Celtic Football Club for over sixty years, and in my time the SFA has always had a pro-Rangers attitude. It is not that long ago that they used a sectarian employment policy which was ignored by the SFA, something which will forever be a Stain on Rangers, and on the SFA for doing absolutely nothing about it.

Peter Lawwell and Celtic have asked for a broad review, there are many aspects of Scottish Football that need looked at and acted upon, it’s very strange that the SPFL representing 42 clubs backs the call for a review, but you claim that except for Celtic none of the clubs that come under the SFA’s authority want one.

What would a broad review tell the genuine football supporters in Scotland? And incidentally I include some Rangers Supporters in that category. It would tell us that contrary to what you promised when you were appointed, there is no transparency, there is no accountability, but there is a bellyful of lying and cheating on an industrial scale.

I believe it will also tell us that you, in collusion with Campbell Ogilvie, Andrew Dickson, and Sandy Bryson, amongst others, covered up the cheating going on at Rangers, and that is the main reason you are refusing to sanction an open independent review, because if the whole truth comes out you will all be exposed.

You have managed through their own self-interest to get the backing of Stewart Milne and his accomplice Rod Petrie, you have also managed to silence the woman who was going to be a breath of fresh air and honesty Ann Budge, but their day will come, because the supporters of their clubs absolutely agree with the call for a review.

90% of the genuine honest football supporters in Scotland want a review of all aspects of governance within Scottish Football. 90% of the genuine honest football supporters in Scotland don’t trust you to play any part in that review, and that goes for the aforementioned people as well.

No matter what happens in the end, one thing is sure, at least one club in Scottish Football can hold its head up high and state clearly, that Celtic Football Club want Honesty & Integrity to Triumph over Blatant Cheating, if no other club in Scotland wants the same, then shame on all of them.

Finally Mr Regan, just in case you are getting too comfy in your big chair and you think you and your cronies have won, think again, because we are not giving up the fight for justice for all the clubs and their supporters in Scotland.

Joe O’Rourke,
General Secretary,
Celtic Supporters Association,
Independent Shareholder and Season Ticket Holder in Celtic Football Club.

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Re: Back to you Mr Regan.

Postby Stanshoops » Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:15 pm

Once again well done on our behalf, from what I can see on the blogs -CQN, The Scottish Football Monitor, ETims and others there certainly is appetite amongst the majority of posters. At least the ordinary supporters are behind you, and Mr Lawell on this one.

Keep on with the questions and demand for truth and transparency.

Hail Hail

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