Independent Review Update.

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Independent Review Update.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:51 am

I wrote to Stewart Regan on Friday asking him to support the call for an Independent Judicial Review of Scottish Football. Any review would be pointless if all the stakeholders did not buy into the idea. The SFA would have significant input to any review undertaken, it makes you wonder why they are so reluctant to do so, but then again maybe they will surprise us and back the call.

I have also had more communication with Neil Doncaster with regards to our meeting last Monday night, I will update you on that if appropriate. I think we are making some ground on the call for a review, I would prefer for it to happen voluntarily, but if that is not the case, it will be forced through by the power of the honest football supporters in Scotland.

Below is a copy of my latest letter to Stewart Regan and his response.

Mr Regan,
As you are probably aware I and Association President John Andrews met with Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie on Monday night at Celtic Park, I am aware that they also met with other Celtic supporters prior to meeting us.
The reason for the meeting was to get some clarification on several issues in regards to the Lord Nimmo Smith inquiry and its outcome, Mr Doncaster and Mr McKenzie claimed that they fulfilled all their obligations to the inquiry on behalf of the SPL. They obviously couldn’t speak for yourself and the SFA.
We believe the best way forward for Scottish Football as a whole would be to have an Independent Judicial Review. It needs to be a broad review that looks at all aspects of Scottish Football. The question is, would you and the SFA back that call and initiate the process?
There is a complete lack of confidence of supporters in general that football in Scotland is being run for the benefit of the many not the few. That opinion has been reinforced by the inaction of the SFA since the recent Supreme Court decision to support the case for HMRC v Rangers Oldco.
There is a groundswell of support for a review, we have the backing from supporters of some of the top professional clubs in Scotland, and that will become more evident in the coming weeks.
I would therefore implore you to make a joint statement with the SPFL that an Independent Judicial Review will be approved, and that the process will begin as soon as practicably possible.
Joseph O’Rourke,
General Secretary,
Celtic Supporters Association.

Dear Mr O’Rourke,

Thanks for your email, the contents of which are noted. The Board of the Scottish FA are in correspondence with one of our member clubs and the SPFL on this matter and it is not appropriate to comment further at this stage.

Stewart Regan

I find it astonishing that the media are questioning whether Celtic qualifying for the Champions League is good for Scottish Football. If they don’t think it is good for the other SPL clubs to receive £365,000 each, and if the clubs agree with that assertion, then they can send a cheque for that amount to Peter Lawwell.

There were three other clubs in Scotland in European competition at the start of the season, it’s not Celtic’s fault that Aberdeen, St Johnstone, and Sevco didn’t manage to get to the group stages of the Europa league, the fault lies solely with the three clubs mentioned.

One thing I think it does show up is the way our season is organised in Scotland. In our games against Rosenberg and Astana their fitness looked to be higher than ours, what got us through was the quality of our manager and Players. I think there certainly needs to be some consultation with the clubs to discuss moving towards summer football.

Issues like that should be part of the agenda of an Independent Review, all issues should be on the table. But actually getting the review approved is the first thing that needs to happen, and to that end the work continues.

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