The Bullies don't like their own medicine.

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Joe O'Rourke
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The Bullies don't like their own medicine.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:07 pm

One thing we all know about bullies is that they don’t like their own medicine, it’s a one way street for them, it’s all give and no take. So it comes as no surprise what’s so ever that apparently over 30 kid-on football supporters reported Neil Lennon to the Police after he mocked them.

It’s fine to send Lenny bombs and bullets, it’s fine to run on to the field of play and try to physically attack him, it’s fine to spout Sectarian abuse at him all afternoon, but then when the wee guy responds with nothing more than gestures they run for the Police, laughing stock as usual, always playing the victim card, Embarrassing !!!!!!

Even the Sevco No 2 Helder Baptista got involved grassing Lenny to the Cop’s, why was that? Was Lee Wallace too busy to do it? So what do you think will happen next? My guess is Lenny will get charged by the SFA, and duly convicted. I wonder how many Sevco supporters behind the Hib’s dugout got arrested for Sectarian Abuse. A wild guess, zero!!!

The last time we played at Snake Mountain there were plenty of incidents. A Sevconian ran onto the pitch to attack Scott Brown. There were a couple of incidents of blatant Racism aimed at Scott Sinclair. There was what appeared to be a Snooker ball, and a battery thrown at Celtic players. Was there a summit called by the SFA and the Scottish Government? Not a chance. Total silence from Regan, and it should be nothing to do with the Government, so they should keep out of it.

Just like the DOS/EBT cheating, the bullies and Bigots are winning by intimidating those who know the truth. But they won’t win for ever, there are plenty of smart brave people out there who won’t let them win. The Truth must come out and the appropriate action must be taken against those guilty of cheating, and those guilty of colluding with the cheats.

I am meeting tonight with Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie, I will be seeking explanations and clarification of everything that has happened with regards to the Lord Nimmo Smith inquiry, I have a feeling about what excuses will be put forward, but I’ll wait to hear them for myself from the two men.

As I’ve said before, we won’t be going away without the proper result. Honesty and integrity must win or the game in Scotland is finished. I don’t really care what deals were done to try to prop up the game in Scotland, if cheating is allowed to conquer then the decent supporters need to take control of our game from those who are allowing the cheating.

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