Come back stronger is the only answer !!!!

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Come back stronger is the only answer !!!!

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Dec 30, 2019 12:29 pm

Yesterday was not a good day for any of us Celtic Supporters. We struggled to get our game together, and seemed to be out-fought in the head to head’s. A mate asked me a couple of weeks ago if I thought we would sign Victor Wanyama again, my answer was No, because I thought we were strong in the midfield department, my answer today is a resounding Yes, and if not Big Victor, then someone of the same stature.

We have nice tidy players in midfield, but there is only one Broonie, he needs help in there with the physical side of the game, having said that I thought he was our best player yesterday. As predicted the Scottish Media have gone overboard on our loss to Sevco, they probably shaded the game on effort alone, but we missed a penalty, and had two headers cleared off the line, so could have won, or even drawn. Talking about the penalty, I said to my mate before Ryan stepped up that McGregor would go to his left, he always does.

Another question that you could ask is, why no-one on the post? Sevco saw the benefit of that tactic twice, which won them the game, especially when we are bringing every player back (which I don’t agree with either) which means we have the extra player/player’s in the box to cover it. I think we could question whether it was a corner in the first place, it appeared to hit an opposing player before going out of play.

So it was a bad day, we also had a bad day against them in the League Cup Final, but hey, the Trophy is at Celtic Park, and the league Title was not decided yesterday. We played poorly in the last two matches against them, they scraped a 2-1 victory yesterday, and we won the League Cup, so we should have nothing to fear going into the second half of the season, providing we do what is required in the transfer market.

We certainly need to strengthen the squad, and we need to empty out players who are contributing nothing to the cause, and there are quite a few who fall into that category. This transfer window will show us how good Nick Hammond is at his job, provided he gets the financial backing required, which I believe he will. It cannot be a negative window, it Must not be a negative window. This is about History, we have made History these last three seasons, but if we don’t win the Title this season, what was achieved pales into insignificance.

It was strange how we played a game more than them during December, but it’s backfired on them now. I have to say Clancy wasn’t brilliant, but he was better than what I expected. So here is a question for Mr Maxwell, who is now Head of Refereeing since the passing of John Fleming? It’s strange that no announcement has been made regarding that issue, even when Mr Fleming was off sick, we didn’t know who was in charge, I get that Mr Fleming might have wanted his condition kept quiet, but that could have been done anyway. Many people say that the majority of our so-call top officials are Mason’s, maybe that’s why it’s been kept a secret.

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