An open letter to Mr Maxwell.

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Joe O'Rourke
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An open letter to Mr Maxwell.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:07 pm

Dear Mr Maxwell.
After another abysmal performance from the “WORST REFEREE IN WORLD FOOTBALL” when are you going to get out of your comfy chair and actually do something to sort out the Refereeing Department at the SFA?

A good start would be to get rid of Head of Refereeing John Fleming, this guy is an embarrassment to any honest football official, although they seem to be in short supply in Scotland. Why was the money not found to fund VAR? I would suggest until “Operation Stop the Ten” succeeds, we will continue to have “Serial Cheats” and “Total Incompetents” officiating at matches in the SPFL, there is no room for “Honesty”

There are many officials who everyone knows favour one team above all others. We all know who they are, Bobby Madden, John Beaton, Andrew Dallas, Don Robertson, to name just a few. Then we have guys like Kevin Clancy, the “Eddie the Eagle” of Football Officials, I don’t believe Clancy is biased, he’s just absolutely hopeless, and completely out of his depth. But what does Fleming do about these officials, absolutely nothing, it suits his biased agenda.

This is not a new phenomenon, this has been going on almost since the very start of Scottish professional Football, it was evident in the early nineteen hundreds that Rangers were favoured over Celtic, but you don’t have to take my word for it, you only have to do some proper research and read some books, the evidence is all there.

If a player in my team Celtic performed once or twice to the same standard as Clancy they would find themselves in the stiffs pretty quick. But there is an excuse for Clancy, he just doesn’t have the ability to officiate at a decent standard, the others mentioned are a different kettle of fish, these are guys who are blatantly cheating during matches involving certain teams.

Celtic were denied two penalties on Saturday at Easter Road, I thought both were penalties, but neither were awarded by Clancy, transport yourself across country to Ibrox and lo and behold Rangers are awarded two penalties by Bobby Madden, nothing wrong with that if deserved, but are any other teams in Scotland awarded anywhere near the amount of penalties that Rangers are? You could argue it’s because Rangers attack more than the likes of Motherwell, but what about the highest scoring team in Scotland, Celtic? The numbers don’t match.

Andrew Dallas actually awarded Ranger four penalties in a game last season. Television video showed that at least two should not have been awarded, did that make any difference to Dallas? Not a bit, he is still officiating in the top division, the hand of his Father still appears to have a big part to play controlling Scottish Football.

The question is Mr Maxwell. Are you still in charge at the SFA? Like your incompetent colleague Rod Petrie, you seem to be happy sitting in your office every day. Have you actually contributed anything worthwhile to Scottish Football in your time in the top job? Do you intend to try to clean up the Refereeing Department? Do you ever question Fleming with regards to the standard of the officials? If the answer to those three question is No, then it’s time you followed Regan into obscurity.

I could go on now about the investigation regarding the award of a European Licence to Rangers in 2012, there are people far more qualified than me to question you on that, I’m certain the “Resolution 12” guys will be in touch pretty soon with regards to that particular subject.
Joe O’Rourke,
General Secretary,
Celtic Supporters Association.

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