Trophy Day.

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Trophy Day.

Postby franton » Tue May 14, 2019 8:47 am

Well, it's coming up to the summertime and holidays again - and what a position we're in to be finishing? Eight domestic trophies in a row - all won; eight consecutive Scottish League Titles- in the bag - and of course there's a crisis at Parkhead! Well, Rangers won on Sunday. Fair enough, the better team won on the day - but it wasn't the Champions!

We lost two great Celtic icons recently, two of the Lisbon lions, in Billy McNeil and Stevie Chalmers. I grew up watching them with my dad, who also passed away, fairly recently.What strikes me, looking at the three of them together - and I've talked to Stevie and I wrote to Billy once - is that along side their professional or working careers, the three of them all seemed to be very decent, ordinary and very well mannered people. I never heard my dad use a swear word once in all his life and I'll bet that Stevie and Billy were quite similar in that respect too! Now that was very different to my experience of growing up outside of the family home! Perhaps it's a culture thing - maybe it was inculcated into the immediate post - war generation. But they showed us what it takes to be great in life - and importantly - how to go about it! Billy, Stevie and my dad were all family orientated people who worked hard every day to provide for their families. The benefits brought by the personal integrity of each one of them has rubbed off on me, along with all the Celtic family and I can see the rewards gained for us, as Celtic people, by the determination and girt steadfastness and goodwill of some of Celtic's Greatest. We have been greatly honoured to have had the likes of Billy McNeill, Stevie Chalmers Bobby Murdoch, Jock Stein, Jimmy Johnstone and indeed all of the Lisbon Lions, at our Club. Their feats will never pass away. Wherever Celtic Football Club and football are talked about, they will be remembered for what they did for us and for what they brought to us at Celtic, our club. We owe them an immense debt of gratitude; as we do to every player who has ever pulled on the green and white jersey of Celtic.

Brendan Rodgers demonstrated that he knew how to manage and coach and he did it for us, to an impeccable standard. What a job he did for Celtic and also the good times he brought here for us! Thank you Brendan! He left in a bit of a hurry perhaps, but how the man who last season won unprecedented back to back Scottish footballing Trebles, somehow never managed to be named the manager of the year, shows that the cock-eyed logic of - A Camel being a horse designed by a committee, is still out there and doing very well! NL has done a very difficult job in the interim, fantastically well, I feel and if he wins the Treble Treble - then he's a Celtic icon; which he is already, but only more so and he'll go down in history! The Celtic board will have to, indeed should already have begun to, get the ball rolling to put in place a permanent successor to Brendan and also the tools of management he'll need at his disposal - Recruitment being key. Will Neil get the job on a permanent basis? Perhaps. He will certainly get an interview, I would imagine! Neil has brought good times to Celtic also. For me we need a manager with experience who's been over the course and knows what it's about to win trophies and most importantly the league title. Claudia Raniieri might be a good shout - he's with Roma and he's finishing up there in the summer? Ask him to qualify for the UCL Groups and win the league for us next season - and it's job done! It might be a bit damp for him up here though! If it's Neil that's appointed, whoever, that's fine! As long as he's the best that's available!

Looking forward to Sunday and it's Trophy Day again! A day to be thankfully enjoyed by Celtic fans. I am certainly looking forward to savouring it! The players have all been magnificent - all the long season long! Bettered by no-one, as proven by winning the League and the League Cup, and clean sweeping everything before them for the past two seasons as well! A fantastic group, like Big Billy and Stevie they are all the true Celts. And if they were to win another trophy this season, well that would write themselves into the annals of Celtic History as well.

Hail Hail.

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