Don't ask for change, Demand it.

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Don't ask for change, Demand it.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:39 pm

One thing you can say about the SFA is, that nothing seems to happen in a hurry if it doesn’t suit their agenda. Since Peter Lawwell asked for a meeting regarding the latest Cheatin Beaton shenanigans, nothing has happened, well nothing except apparently the referees had a wee away day together to synchronise their stories, and how to best get out of the mess they have created.

One of the suggestions is supposed to be that the referees would go on strike, what a boost that would be for the honest teams in Scotland, can you imagine referees making decisions based on honesty and impartiality? That would be a welcome change. I remember the last time it happened, the motley crew had to crawl back with their tail between their legs, pathetic just doesn’t do it justice.

I believe like all the other times Celtic have called for action, we will have to stand alone, the Hearts and Hibs and Aberdeen’s have no stomach for fighting for justice, they have failed so many times in the past, it is expected now. These are the clubs who have been happy to take all the money from UEFA almost every season from Celtic’s endeavours, I cannot recall any public acknowledgement of that ever, how much have they received from Sevco’s participation in European Football, absolutely zilch.

So the onus once again falls on the very broad shoulders of Celtic Football Club. We must Demand change now for the good of all the clubs in Scotland. There must be a root and branch overhaul of the disciplinary process, and it must, as it should have always been, based on Honesty and Impartiality. There also needs to Transparency and Accountability, there has to be consequences for people’s actions. If a match official is found to incompetent, or even worse, less than honest, then those people must be, either retrained if incompetent, or expelled if dishonest.

The basic start for the match referee should be to explain his handling of a match. If there are contentious issues then they need explained. Why if someone made a decision based on his honest opinion would he be afraid to admit that? Too many have been getting away with it for years, in fact I’ve been following Celtic for over sixty years, and I can’t remember a time when we weren’t cheated, almost on a weekly basis.

This country, in terms of football, and many other things needs dragged into the 21st century. I watched Paul Larkin’s film “Anyone but Celtic” would the supporters of Manchester City stand by and watch Manchester United cheating them? Would Everton do the same if it was Liverpool doing the cheating? Absolutely not, that type of bias is not encouraged or tolerated in England, so why is it encouraged and tolerated in Scotland?

If Ian Maxwell genuinely wants to honestly represent all the clubs in Scotland, then he needs to act now, if that means exposing dishonest people, then so be it, it needs to be done for the better of the game, and all the honest teams and their supporters must back that.

We had a big opportunity in 2012, Oldco Cheating Rangers were gone, and a Newco team was in their place. We should have at the same time cleaned out the Oldco Referees Association and brought in a Newco Referees Association, the old handshakers should have been banished to the sin bin of Scottish Football. We never took that opportunity voluntarily, so it’s time for all the honest Stakeholders to demand change.

As the biggest club with the biggest support we will be at the forefront carrying the Banner, we need to do that as a United Front, which means everyone from the Board down to the Supporters. Everyone has different ideas about how we should manage the transfer market and issues like that, that will always be the case, but we have something different at Celtic, we are more than a Football Club, we are admired the world over, we have always been at the front fighting the good fight. Let’s get to the front again, Demanding change, all we ask for is Honesty from everyone.

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