The hacks have Sevco on the back pages again.

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The hacks have Sevco on the back pages again.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:05 pm

It’s been a struggle for the hacks this week having to write about the Scotland v England clash, they would much rather follow the orders of Jabba the Hutt and talk about Sevco and all the signings Pedro is making.

You would think some of these clowns would get embarrassed at least once in their so-called journalistic career, but not at all, succulent lamb anyone. The Scottish Media have sucked up to the Govan new team and their predecessors for a very long time now, after all it’s what sells papers they claim.

You would think Jabba had opened an office at Glasgow Airport to catch all the Sevco new arrivals, maybe he should open an office in some accountancy firm to see how they intend to pay for them, or will it be business as usual and not pay all the creditors instead.

I wonder if Mr Regan at the SFA will be watching on behalf of UEFA, there is a criteria for participating in UEFA competitions, it’s all to do with not spending more than you bring in, and there is certainly at least one team in Scotland who seem to survive on loans which don’t get paid back.

But then Regan will be too busy preparing for Saturday when he gets to sit with all the other brethren in blazers to watch his beloved England take on Scotland at the embarrassing dump that is Hampden. Probably the facilities in the plush seats where he sits are fine, it’s the seats and facilities where they guys who finance Scottish Football sit that are garbage.

I’m sure Regan will be doing a bit of crawling to Scotland Captain Scott Brown, I’m sure he will also want to get a selfie with Kieran Tierney, and that’s after he let the guy who tried to seriously damage KT get off without repercussions, the guy like his friends at Sevco has no shame.

I accept that players want to play for their country, but with international matches being played in what is our close season, it has a great effect on our team. We will probably have six players in the starting line-up against England, when Scott Sinclair and others are getting a well-deserved rest our international players are still training and will have a very short break before the Champions League qualifier’s, do you think Regan appreciates that?

Regan has been guilty of collusion ever since he arrived in Scottish Football, but he has colluded mostly with only one team, and he lost them five years ago only for a new version to crop up.

Regan has managed to escape so far in the trial fiasco involving Craig Whyte going on in the High Court, I would have thought he might have been able to shed some light on what happened as he met regularly with the like of Moonbeams Murray, Whyte and Chuckles Green, and now with Dodgy Dave King.

As I’ve said before I’m sure the Resolution12 Bhoys will be watching very closely, I have not followed the case in too much detail, but I believe some of the evidence given with regards to tax matters don’t align with what Regan claimed, although he could have been duped by one or all of the aforementioned people. As the undertaker says … Remains to be seen.

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