More Honest Mistakes.

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More Honest Mistakes.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:25 pm

First game of the new season and the “Honest Mistakes” have started already. It won’t have come as a surprise to any Celtic Supporter that Hearts were awarded a penalty by referee John Beaton.

Scott Brown nailed it when he said that Jamie Walker cheated to gain the penalty, it was a blatant dive, and if Beaton or the linesman had any kind of view of the incident, then they would have seen it was a dive, so in awarding the penalty they were cheating Celtic as well.

It was a great victory at Tynecastle yesterday, it is traditionally one of the harder venues to get a result, although we have a good record there over the last five seasons. It was also great for Brendan to get a winning start, I bet he was glad we weren’t playing a big team like Hamilton.

I was very impressed with the way Brendan handled the match, his tactical awareness was very good indeed. He changed the formation of the team when it was required, and it worked a treat for him and the supporters when Scott Sinclair scored the winner, hopefully there will be plenty more from Scott.

The big disappointment from yesterday was the amount of supporters who travel to watch Celtic every week who were denied the chance of going to the game because of the very small allocation of tickets that Hearts gave Celtic, we know that the Hearts supporters have boycotted Celtic Park for years, and after their behaviour yesterday I can’t say I’m disappointed with that.

Hearts and every other team in the League benefit greatly from Celtic and their supporters, but they all shaft us when it comes to tickets. It was £28 for a ticket yesterday, £20 for a concession ticket, and the game was live on television.

I suppose the price compares with what Celtic charge visiting fans, but I have to say the facilities don’t compare. There is one Gent’s Toilet in the section allocated to the Celtic Supporters, one toilet to cater for over 1,000 supporters, I wonder if that is even legal.

It is about time that the SPFL did something to help the situation. This all started with Moonbeams Murray when he banned the Celtic Supporters from his Dump. It seems that all the negative stuff in Scottish Football stems from Sevco and the now defunct Rangers FC.

They even had to eject one of their own Stewards for abusing the visiting supporters of Hamilton on Saturday, surely that’s another world record they can claim. It will be interesting in the coming weeks and months how many towns and cities in Scotland will suffer at the hands of the Sevco Hordes, unless of course they actually do something they said they would do, like boycott away grounds, I certainly hope they boycott Celtic Park, I don’t want them anywhere near Paradise.

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