"Ordinary Football Fans Banned from the Scottish Parliament"

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Joe O'Rourke
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"Ordinary Football Fans Banned from the Scottish Parliament"

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:06 pm

[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]Well our visit today to the Scottish Parliament to protest against the proposed new bill turned out to be quite different from what I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting King Alex to be waiting outside with a big Celtic Tartan Scarf; but the reception we got was hostile in the extreme; from the first step we took off our bus.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]About twenty of us arrived on a coach from the west coast about 12.30pm; there seemed to be quite a few police officers in attendance; and we were immediately approached by a female inspector who went on to explain the protocol for a demonstration; no problem with that at all.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]The bus left but had to return because some leaflets were left on the bus; I noticed two constables at the bus taking notes for several minutes; I approached the two constables and asked if there was a problem; at first they refused to answer; to that I said well I’ll just ask your superior; one of them then said it was their duty to take the details of where the bus came from; how many was on it; and when it was expected to leave; along with all sorts of other needless information; to that I stated; why didn’t they ask me who had organised the bus instead of the driver who was only there to do as he was told.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]I then approached the female inspector to register a complaint; again she was fine; but had a constable with her who again was not what you would call welcoming; he asked what we intended to do after our demonstration outside; I told him we had sixty tickets for the debating chamber; he didn’t seem to believe me; and indeed when Labour MSP Michael Mc Mahon came over to see if there was a problem; he asked him how many tickets we had for the chamber; friendly copper this guy was not.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]When we then went to enter the Parliament we met another obstacle; one guy had a Celtic scarf on; a couple of us had plain green scarf’s on; myself being one of them; the guy on the X-ray machine stated quite clearly that we were not allowed in with football colours on; so we would have to get rid of them; well I had no intention of ditching my green scarf; after a short argument another female security person came on scene and said it was alright to have the scarf’s as long as they were not wore in the Parliament; again no problem with that; although I didn’t see the point.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]Two Labour MSPs Hugh Henry and Michael Mc Mahon had organised a committee room for us to have a discussion before the official debate in the chamber; they were joined by several more Labour MSPs; a Liberal Democrat; and Green Party MSP Patrick Harvie.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]Hugh chaired the wee meeting and opened by welcoming us to the Parliament; and outlining all the other MSPs opposition to the bill; after about twenty minutes we were joined by four or five SNP MSPs; including Humza Yousaf and Christine Grahame. It was put to them that the proposed new bill had no support outside of the Scottish Government; and if implemented in its present form it cause more bother than good; the SNP group were quite flustered when getting questioned about the bill.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]At about 1.55pm Hugh Henry said the MSPs had to make their way to the chamber for the start of the debate at 2pm; as the public are not permitted to take part in the debate we had decided to have a silent protest; to do that we would have some of the group wearing white T-Shirts with a single letter on each; which when in line spelt out “Fans Not Criminals”.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]Just before we were about to leave one of the security men came in and said he had some information about acceptable behaviour in the debating chamber; he then went on to tell us we would not be allowed into the chamber wearing the T-Shirts.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]The Labour MSPs were all astounded by this and voiced their protest very strongly; Hugh Henry went away to speak to whomever was responsible for this outrageous decision. When Hugh returned he told us the decision appeared to have been made by the Presiding Officer; who was a member of the SNP prior to taking up that position; it also transpires that when Christine Grahame left the committee room we were in (shortly after arriving) she was seen speaking to the head of security; a bit of a coincidence do you think?[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]We decided then that if we were not allowed in wearing the non-offensive T-Shirts; then we wouldn’t go into the chamber at all; we would either watch the proceedings form the TV in the committee room; which was booked until 6pm; or we would continue our protest outside the Parliament. [COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]It then became like an episode of Yes Minister or Blackadder; a BBC camera crew arrived at the committee room; but were denied entry by non-other than the Head of Security at the Scottish Parliament; we know that was his position because; although he would only say he was an official; the doorman told us; how embarrassing for them.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]Again Hugh Henry was required to intervene and get the camera crew access; we were then inundated with reporters and camera men all looking for a picture and a story; all of the same opinion that the situation was an absolute shambles. After that we decided there nothing further to be gained by hanging around so decided to leave the Parliament.[COLOR=#000000:fb4fdf01]The situation today was a massive own goal by Alex Salmond and his SNP cronies; they may well have denied us our right to attend the debating chamber; but he won’t be able to deny us our vote when the next Scottish Elections come around; and maybe then he and his poodles will be put firmly where they belong; on the outside of the Scottish Parliament.


Re: "Ordinary Football Fans Banned from the Scottish Parliament"

Postby Guest » Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:48 pm

Hi Joe...

Leadership is a quality some have and others don't... Your comment puts me in mind of a lunitic similar to the leadership of Labour and other unionist parties..
Son you bat up the wrong tree on behalf of unionist polititions in my beloved country Scotland.

Celtic Supporters are in general a wee bit brighter than yourself and affiliates.

I have lived my life seeing and listening to Celtic bashing and downright lies from a unionist media .

Their attempts at times in splitting the Celtic Supporters have been immature and downright disgraceful.. As Celts we have stood firm..

Joe your maturity is in question and what lies in your napper is not manageable without the aid of medication... (add Ms Finlay who in my opinion is a very poor representative of all things Celtic.)

The Celtic Trust ?? My association an meetings when I have managed to be in attendace proved to me SADLY that we have within our ranks a few bitter people no different from that shower in another part of Glasgow.

MY life heads back many years when as a child we had fans arrested for having the audacity to fly our flag the TRI-Colour.. Green, White, Orange.. A flag that originates from an Irish farmer with the white wishing peace. That was wholly wrong.

I and no other would like to enter debate on how Brother Walfid would enter this debate. However I do not believe he would have been overly supportive from what goes on with so-called Celts heading to Paradise or on leaving by public transport...
Lets not exagerate how good we are in total as a support when crimes are committed regularly matchdays As a Celt for 66 years I am embarrassed regularly by actions of not only the young but others of middle age who should know better.. Mind you on the surface of it when looking around education has never been a strong point of some..
Education, Education, Education Mr O'Rourke is essential to move on and understand that unionism has never been a strong point other that winnings votes from a mainly uneducated public ...Monkeys with a red rosette comes to mind... I could have been named as one but as time moved on education became a very reliable outlet in fighting bigotry, sectarianism etc etc.

I have read your postings over recent weeks and seriously you are a donkey leading a few ass's

Generations have passed with absolutely no protection for Celts like us. People like the non-descript Kelly MSP from I believe the Rutherglen constituancy who has nothing to offer in idea or ideals other than to use people like yourself to electioneer for the sure to be defunct Labour Party . There is no Scottish Labour Party. FULL STOP. Scottish Labour was founded and their constitution included Independance.. Constitution changed and ermine robes became priority instead of guidance and leadership for us the mugs who believed in them..
In my lifetime I never thought we would have had so-called leaders who could unite with that shower across the river in the West.

Look when I hear Celts telling us on the unionist media that they don't know what songs can be sung they are thicker than mollass's.. I would not proclaim to have every nationalist Irish rebel song in my collection. I can say it must be close to 95%. I love in my spare moments listening to the music .
Maybe a wee trip over to Belfast and a visit to the Falls and the small Nationalist Museum would help partly in the education.

My family go back many years Joe.. Arrival in Scotland 1848 to be precise.. Now scattered in many parts of this planet and great adverts within the Celtic Supporters association holding different position.

Criminalisation? The laws we have maybe haven't been used fully but a massive majority of Celts for the first time back the Celtic Board and our manager in this issue.

During arguably the best time in Celtic history big Jock going by memory at Brockville left his dugout and limped around the track and delved into our support clipping a few behind the ear due to the songs being sung.. Late 60's I think... My collection still has the pictures and report of when BIG JOCK entered the fray.
Therefore Peter Lawwell is certainly not the first to highlight what is acceptable when backing our team and the green and white.
Why are you so gullible to fall into a trap that the normally anti Celtic media have laid out for you and the very few who wish to follow..
A win, win situation is in the hands of all true Celts if handled intelligently. I see none of that from you and your few disciples..

This legislation is not anti Celtic Supporters or any others like say Hearts who I deem to be even worst in the behavioural stakes than at Ibrox... A club I loathe for many reasons.

I shall go back a little... WE are not perfect, period...We have nothing to fear from legislation unless that fear comes from ones own mindset and possibly guilty conscience.

Joe O'Rourke
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Re: "Ordinary Football Fans Banned from the Scottish Parliament"

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu Dec 15, 2011 5:08 pm

King Adolf Salmond will be proud of you.

John Andrews
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Re: "Ordinary Football Fans Banned from the Scottish Parliament"

Postby John Andrews » Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:56 pm

Have a wee read at the Bill then come back with your views, Freedom Of Speech comes to mind, that is what the fight is about.

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Re: "Ordinary Football Fans Banned from the Scottish Parliament"

Postby hen1rik » Fri Dec 16, 2011 2:01 pm

Biggest story in history of Scotland about the SFA granting rangers a euro licence when owing to tax
Get it out there.
This story could be explosive and could rock Scottish football for good.

irish eyes
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Re: "Ordinary Football Fans Banned from the Scottish Parliament"

Postby irish eyes » Fri Dec 16, 2011 3:40 pm

I can only assume the T-shirts with single letters on it were shown in advance of getting access to the chamber, if so, what a pity they weren't kept under jackets till you had taken your seats. How though anyone can have a problem with someone wearing a T-shirt with a single letter on it baffles me.

The new legislation is now in place and will apply to every team in the cuntry so I guess fans will just have to abide by the law. eg I can't get done for speeding if I stay within the speed limit. I have Irish Citizenship and love Ireland dearly so don't take my comments the wrong way but we've got to get on with what we are all meant to be CELTIC supporters and get on and support the team.

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Re: Is our Board afraid of Media men

Postby tyrebhoy » Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:15 am

I must say its time our board come out and started to defend decent Celtic fans,
is this idiot BILLY LECKIE to be allowed to kick our good fans in his rag paper,
he;s a bigot he even had big article to ban the Pope;s visit anything to do with Celtic, Catholic, Irish this man spouts blood and venom,
So when you have your meeting come out and tell Peter Lawell either back us and start boycotting the media at least them across the river have the BALLS to ban them :mad:

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