I hate International breaks.

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I hate International breaks.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:10 pm

I must confess I distinctly dislike International Football weekends, we were on a nice roll and now the momentum has been broken. It is also the case that a fair number of our players will not have a break because of their involvement, mainly with Scotland. Players like James Forrest, Callum McGregor, and Ryan Christie, have already played a fair number of games, so there is no break for them.

It would have been nice to keep going after last weekend’s brilliant victory at Snake Mountain, the experience at the start was particularly hostile, a cesspit of Bigotry and Racism, that only stopped when French Eddie scored the opening goal, after that it was Party time, and the icing on the cake when Jonny scored the second, it didn’t take long to empty the Bigot Dome.

The victory feeling on Sunday carried over into Monday when another couple of additions to our playing squad. I believe we now have the quality in each position to have a successful season. It would have been great to get the business done earlier, but sometimes it takes time to get the right player in. the early qualifiers are the big problem, if we were going right into the Champion’s League Group, rightly so as proper Champions, we would have had no problem. The setup needs to change to reflect the achievements of those teams that actually were Champions of their domestic league.

Fair play to Liverpool, they have been fantastic as an attacking football side, but they haven’t won the league for almost thirty years, Tottenham are worse, it’s close to sixty years since they last won their domestic league. There has to be a better route in for teams like Celtic and Ajax, teams with proud European History. It cannot continue to be just about the rich teams getting richer, there has to be an acknowledgement of domestic success, and of History.

I’m now looking forward to the rest of the season with optimism, I don’t like to get too carried away, but I feel with a fair share of luck with injuries we have a very good squad, well able to dominate the domestic scene. The Premier league in the No 1 priority, anything else after that is a bonus, sure we want to progress in Europe, but let’s get all the eggs in the League Basket, 9 in a Row has to be achieved.

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