Logan and McInnes, a pair of Clown's. Football Writers having a laugh.

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Logan and McInnes, a pair of Clown's. Football Writers having a laugh.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon May 14, 2018 11:48 am

It was a bit of a mixed bag yesterday, we lost a great home record, but still finished the season as the Champions again for the seventh time in a row, it’s only the third time we have achieved that record, so it was a great feeling.

I thought the game itself was a bit flat, although contrary to what the failing second placed manager Derek McInnes said, we did enough in the game to have won it, certainly on chances. Another plus for us was more game time for Big Moussa, Griff, and Stuart Armstrong.

Another consistent of matches against the Don’s, is Shay Logan making a complete fool of himself, and trying to wind up the Celtic Support. I know he was eventually shown a red card by Thomson, but this CLOWN causes havoc every time we play Aberdeen, somebody needs to have a word with him, and McInnes, who probably winds him up before the game.

It’s on to the dump that is Hampden Park next week to try to complete the Historic Double Treble. I never like being too confident, there have been many major disappointments in the sixty odd years I’ve followed Celtic, but hopefully if we turn up, and if for once Kevin Clancy has a decent game, we will win. Quite frankly we deserve to win, because we have the best team, and the best manager.

We have the Best Manager !!!!!! Somebody needs to tell the Scottish Football Writers Association that fact. Ok I respect what Stevie Clarke has done for Kilmarnock, he’s taken them from relegation candidates to the top six, but please don’t tell me he is a good manager.

Stevie Clarke is just the same as he was in England, he’s a Bore, he was the same at West Brom, he just tried to make them hard to beat, he’s did the same with Kilmarnock, and with a little help from Kris Boyd they have managed to climb the league, but that doesn’t make you good, it makes you organised.

Of course we should not be surprised by the selection from the Lickspittles. If Murty had managed to avoid getting battered by Celtic, and had managed to get into second place, he would have won by a country mile instead of being chased out of the Bigot Dome. Jabba the Hutt strikes again.

Just think about it. If next week Celtic dodge getting kicked off the park and beat Motherwell. We will create history by winning back to back trebles, a feat even Jock Stein, the Greatest Manager in Scottish Football History never achieved. Kilmarnock finished 23 points behind us in the league, and have not contested any of the two major cup finals, but their manager has been named Manager of the Year. Only in this little Bigoted Country.

Glasgow is still now, and always will be Green & White. Unbroken History Intact.

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