Another letter to Regan. Time for us all to demand action.

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Joe O'Rourke
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Another letter to Regan. Time for us all to demand action.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:58 am

This morning I have written to Stewart Regan at the SFA. The statement they released yesterday with regards to the Supreme Court decision treats the rest of Scottish Football with total disdain.

I don’t know who is going to do it, but I hope someone can organise the rest of the supporters of all the honest teams within Scottish Football to get up and challenge the likes of Regan to do what is right for all of Scottish Football.

We can’t continue to be to be treated in this abhorrent manner by the very people who are employed to represent us all, it’s our money that pays the wages of guys like Regan and that other clown McRae, just as it was our money that paid for Campbell Ogilvie and all the other Brethren.

The fight starts now, I sincerely hope bloggers like James Forrest can get the rest of the supporters in Scottish Football to stand up for what is right. I also hope that all the other honest teams in Scotland follow Celtic’s lead and release a statement with regards to the Supreme Court decision.

Mr Regan,
I read you statement this morning regarding the decision by the Supreme Court to deny the appeal by Rangers 2012 in regards to the “Big Tax Case” it came as no surprise that you once again are guilty of dereliction of duty, you have become a boil on the backside of Scottish Football.

I would have thought it would have been in the best interests of yourself and the rest of Scottish Football to have a new enquiry which would be transparent and all the relevant fact would be available. I also believe that you should have no part to play in this enquiry as you have already been either duped to the highest level possible, or you colluded in the lies that were told.

You along with Campbell Ogilvie and Andrew Dickson should be in the dock for the way you all handled the initial enquiry. As I said to you before, more than one person is guilty of being less than honest, are you one of those persons?

The effect of the Rangers payment policy was felt all over Scottish Football. Teams were denied titles, teams were denied cups, and teams were probably relegated and suffered great financial hardship because of it. We will probably never know the total consequences of their cheating.

Rangers were not only guilty of cheating all the other honest teams in Scotland, they were also guilty of cheating all the teams they played against in European competitions as well, and you by association are guilty by allowing that to happen.

Lord Nimmo Smith said in his judgment that no sporting advantage was gained, but that was based on the assumption of the DOS/EBT schemes being deemed to be legal, that’s if he was even provided with all the facts. Yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court blows that out of the water, a sporting advantage obviously was gained by one team.

Are you trying to tell all the other teams and their supporters who competed honestly in Scottish Football that Rangers 2012 have no case to answer in terms of their signing policy? Having said that, the SFA stood by and did nothing while they had a sectarian signing policy, so maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Let’s look at some of the players they managed to sign, guys like Arthur Numan, Ronald De Boer, Andre Kanchelskis, Tore Andre Flo, and the highest paid goalkeeper in European Football for eight years Stefan Klos. Are you seriously trying to tell us that they could have afforded those type of players if they were paying all their legal obligations in terms of tax etc?

I note also the statement released by the SPFL, their statement seems to be at odds with your statement, I also note the statement released by Celtic Football Club, and again it doesn’t appear to agree with what you are saying. I will be copying in both Peter Lawwell and Neil Doncaster to this correspondence.

I genuinely hope now that the rest of Scottish Football comes together to demand justice. It would appear that you are not capable of delivering an honest and transparent response to yesterday’s decision in the Supreme Court, so I believe that the honest people within Scottish Football need to take up the challenge and demand justice. That can only be achieved by first of all getting you out of your position within Scottish Football.

Joe O’Rourke,
General Secretary,
Celtic Supporters Association.

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Re: Another letter to Regan. Time for us all to demand action.

Postby Stanshoops » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:49 am

Dear Joe

A very timely and to the point letter. However I do not expect much of an enlightening reply from Mr. Regan or any of the other characters involved in this crime. Your demanding action from Regan - unlikely.
I must urge you to demand action from our Club - and that must start now - on behalf of your members. I will explain.
I'm sure you are aware of supporters feelings now that the Supreme Court has decided that we were all correct after all.

I am just writing to let you know of the very strong sense of anger (I was going to say frustration but I'm afraid the correct word is "anger") that I am getting from my members here in Keighley CSC at the complete inaction by our Club/ Board / Chairman/ CEO etc on calling this crime out for what it is and getting a resolution under way for us.

I have been shocked to be told in no uncertain terms by good loyal lifetime supporters that they are going to stop supporting a corrupt game - they will do "walking away" from Celtic... I am shocked by this but to be honest I am unwillingly being forced by my own Club to admit to that point of view myself now.

I can not tell you what that will mean to me personally, but it bodes very badly for the survival our little CSC . I don't know if you do, but I detect a growing unrest in the support from all the Celtic blogs & sites that I read. This must be a massive WAKE UP call to Celtic, particularly Mr. Lawell.

I must urge you please please, you must tell them as soon as you can that action is required NOW, no more of this "behind the scenes" rubbish. Celtic as the most wronged and biggest Club in Scotland must take the lead - forget the other Clubs if they are dithering.

I fear that in very quick shrift you are going to see this CSC membership vote with their feet. That will be devastating for us as individuals who have followed Celtic through the generations to now be forced to accept that it has all just been a big lie, a big rigged moneyspinning farce with us as the MUGS.

We are now being forced to face the horrible truth that unless our beloved Club stands up for us, we have been and are just looked on at best as mere "customers" to fleece us of our hard earned cash and nothing at all to do with what we truly believed heart and soul was the Celtic Way.

Please do all in your power to make Mr.Lawell see that he must act NOW.

Yours in Celtic
Joe Laughlin
Keighley CSC.

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