Live games will kill us. Big Moussa to stay.

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Live games will kill us. Big Moussa to stay.

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:50 am

There needs to be a rethink on how many games are televised live in Scotland. Live games are great for so-called wee teams, and teams with no money like Sevco. But for proper BIG TEAMS like Celtic it will kill us. The Celtic preference is for all matches to be played on a Saturday at 3pm, which is our default position.

I know the television money is necessary for all the other teams in Scotland, the problem is, if we are not involved not too many are interested. I watched the Edinburgh derby last week and it was dire. I suppose some people like to watch Sevco on the telly, some to listen to the sing-song, and others for the laughs you get, me personally I don’t want to see or hear them ever again.

In a couple of weeks’ time we will play St Mirren in the Scottish Cup at 12.30 on a Sunday, no disrespect to the Saints, but it won’t excite our supporters, and especially those who travel considerable distances to watch Celtic every week, add to that the fact that it’s an extra match ticket to be bought.

There are four quarter finals and three of them are live on the TV, how will that entice people through the turnstiles? We all know why Sevco is on the TV, but it’s a false economy. I’m not sure how much we get per match, but I’m certain it will be less than what we would have got through ticket sales if the game wasn’t live.

I remember talking to SFA Secretary Ian Blair a couple of years ago about it, he said we have to look after the armchair fans, no we don’t, we have to look after the paying customer who are the lifeblood of football. Does anyone think the television companies would want to show live games in empty stadiums? Well that is why we at Celtic have almost every match away from home broadcast live, because there will be a large Celtic support in attendance.

After we play Hamilton next Saturday, of our next eight matches only one is on a Saturday at 3pm. After the split I don’t expect any matches to be played on a Saturday at 3pm. You can bet money our semi-final will not be at that time either. So of our last fifteen matches this season one will be at our default time of Saturday at 3pm.

I see the media now have Real Madrid interested in signing Big Moussa, that doesn’t come as a surprise since Zinedine Zidane spoke very highly of Moussa when he first arrived at Celtic. Add Real to the list that includes Bayern Munich, Juventus, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool, not bad for a Bhoy of twenty.

I firmly believe we could keep Moussa for at least one more season, he seems to love it at Celtic, and has plenty of time on his hands to improve and gain more European experience. The sky is the limit for Moussa, he can achieve whatever he wants in football, and there is no better place to score goals than playing for Celtic, just ask Henrik or Big Bad John.

The one thing that could tempt Celtic to sell Moussa early is the thugs in Scottish Football. We witnessed one on Saturday with the tackle by Ryan Bowman on Kieran Tierney, that could have been a career ending injury, luckily for Kieran and us it wasn’t, and how it wasn’t a red card is astonishing.

I sincerely hope Big Moussa decides to stay in Paradise. I also hope we can do a deal to keep Paddy Roberts too, along with Kieran, Scotty Sinclair, Jamsie Forrest, Stuart Armstrong, Thomas Rogic, Big Jozo and Dedryck, and a couple more will give us a chance to progress in the Champions League, and of course, not forgetting Ten in a Row.

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