Live matches don't help Celtic. Meanwhile back at the Circus

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Live matches don't help Celtic. Meanwhile back at the Circus

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:45 am

It makes you wonder if it is worth Celtic playing in the Scottish Cup if all the games are live, I realise we still make money, but we would make more money from a full Celtic Park, instead of a half empty stadium.

Live matches on television do more harm than good for the top teams, it is rare that supporters other than those you would call hard core fork out extra money for cup matches, it is even rarer when the opposition is from a lower division.

Celtic’s main revenue stream is through the turnstile, the 54,000 season ticket holders are who keep Celtic at the top of the game, not puny television money, now if we were playing in England that would be completely different, the money on offer there is considerably higher.

I love Scottish Cup Final Day when Celtic are playing, especially on a nice sunny day. But there are so many negatives about the Scottish Cup, not least the very strange coincidence of Sevco always playing at home, I wonder what the “Balance of Probability” is of that occurrence.

The rest of Scottish Football have held onto the coattails of Celtic and our supporters since our inception going on 130 years ago. I have no problem with teams like Albion Rovers or Alloa getting a payday playing against Celtic, it’s the other who would treat us as less than equal I have a problem with.

Saturday was another wonderful display from the team, the whole team performed at the highest level, we didn’t have one poor performance in any position. I actually said to a mate after the match, if I was asked to pick a Player of the Year right now it would be a difficult decision.

Moussa Dembele is an obvious candidate, as is Scotty Sinclair, then there is Kieran Tierney and Scott Brown, James Forrest and Paddy Roberts have lit the stadium up with fantastic wing play. Thomas Rogic and Stuart Armstrong were in the mix before their injuries, it’s been a long time since we have had so many players performing at the top level every week.

Over at the circus that is Sevco, you couldn’t make up the goings on over there. The way the on off resignation of Mark Warburton was handled was Comedy Gold, James Traynor covered himself in glory with that one, ably abetted by Dodgy Dave, Peter and Dermot must be loving it.

Sevco now need to get in a new manager ASAP, as usual, the media have claimed they knew Warburton was out of his depth, I suppose that’s why they hung on every word that came out of his mouth, according to clowns like Jackson, Warburton had the answer to all Scottish Football’s problems, it’s all change now.

It’s the usual stuff now, we need a real Rangers man like McLeish in the job is the cry, is that not what they called Davie Weir? Not forgetting also that real Rangers men let their club “DIE” The manager doesn’t have much time to get it right, but one thing is for sure, the press will give him an easy ride, just ask Sally.

I can see the end of the season panning out now. Celtic will win the league undefeated by a record point’s margin, they will add the Scottish Cup to complete the Treble. Moussa Dembele will score more than forty goals to eclipse Leigh Griffiths total from last year, Scotty Sinclair will score more than twenty goals, and Craig Gordon will have signed a new contract.

The end of season Sports Writers Dinner will announce Alex McLeish as Manager of the Year. They will also announce Kenny Miller as Player of the Year, and Barry Ferguson’s son, who is due to be born early next year as Young Player of the Year.

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