Will Celtic sign Neil Lennon again?

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Will Celtic sign Neil Lennon again?

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:46 am

Celtic resigning Neil Lennon as a player is obviously a ridiculous idea. Even though Lenny has been a winner all his career, you still can’t turn the clock back. Ridiculous as it may seem; is it any more ridiculous than signing players who are approaching forty?

The old adage used be that to win things you fill your team with winners. I don’t think that has changed over the years, but you also need youth as well as experience; you can’t expect to win trophies with a team of geriatric’s, so you have to get the balance right.

Sevco’s signing policy tells me one thing, they haven’t got any money to spend on proper players. Barton is on a decent salary for two years, which I’m guessing has an appearance part to it. What Over the, sorry; I mean Clint Hill will be on who knows, but I would imagine it won’t be anywhere near Barton’s wage, and again probably based primarily on appearances.

The other big name signing is Nico Kranjcar; who was not a bad player in his day back in Croatia, but I think again his better days are behind him. It is a strange signing policy for a team who claim they will be challenging for the title. I guess when you have the Scottish media firmly in your back pocket you can do what you like.

It’s not like Sevco are signing senior players from top teams. Barton, Hill, and Kranjcar played for teams like QPR, Burnley, Crystal Palace, and some decent reserve teams in their days in the top tier.

I think it just goes to prove what we already knew, Dodgy Dave King doesn’t have the money to fund a decent war chest. So it will be down to their supporters to come up with the dosh, will they do that? Your guess is as good as mine, but they must have concerns.

Over at Celtic Park the future looks a lot brighter. We already have some very good experienced players, and we have the best crop of young players in Scotland as well. I fully expect a couple of marquee signings to enhance a squad which is already the best in Scotland.

We also have appointed a very exciting young Manager who glows with confidence. We have a stadium which is the envy of a lot of the top teams in Europe, and the atmosphere will be even better with the introduction of the Rail Seating.

It will be a tough start to the season after being given an away match to Hearts to open up with, but that’s the type of games you need to win to become Champions, and we certainly know how to become Champions as we head for our Sixth in a Row,
We will also be involved in the very prestigious International Champions Cup. The competition will be broadcast live all over the world; and should give us even more of a worldwide profile.

I actually have mixed feeling about the timing of the competition, I would have liked to kick off the season with a home match to raise the League Flag, but the promoters obviously are looking at the maximum television exposure for the competition. I just hope that it doesn’t interfere with our main priority of reaching the Champions’ League Group Stage.

I believe we are getting close to the sold out sign being put up for season tickets. There are still seats available, but if you wanted seats together with family or friends I would suggest you need to move pretty quickly because there is limited availability.

Next season will see us return to a full stadium with the re-opening of the top tier of the Lisbon Lions Stand. That along with the Safe Standing Section should be great for the atmosphere at all our home games, and especially on European Nights.

Brendan started his work with the players at Lennoxtown on Monday. I’m certain he will have his own way of getting over to the players how important it is to be successful at our wonderful club. We have a long unbroken proud successful history, long may it continue under Brendan.

Every good manager has a five year plan for the football club. A lot of that plan depends on how you develop the young players at the club. Celtic over the last few years has dominated the youth football in Scotland, as well as doing really well in Europe.

We can look forward with confidence to the coming years. We have the opportunity to dominate Scottish Football, and with the right plan and leadership, we can again be a force in Europe.

So Bhoys and Ghirls get on board for the new journey, and hold on, it’s going to be a ferocious pace.

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