A Pantheon in Paradise

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Joe O'Rourke
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A Pantheon in Paradise

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Sun Dec 14, 2008 8:51 pm

I had the great honour of attending the unveiling of the statue to Jimmy Johnstone,voted the greatest ever Celtic player,and who would argue with that,Jinky was the best player i have ever seen,and i've been watching Celtic since the middle fifties,but that in itself creates its own problems,where do we stop???,most football teams have one player from the past that they worship,and i'm talking about the top teams in England as well,for instance,Newcastle have "Wor Jackie Milburn",West Ham have Bobby Moore,Billy Bremner at Leeds Utd,even Liverpool,its "Shankley"who's the hero,the one exception could be Manchester Utd,they have Best,Law and Charlton,and obviously the players they lost in the tragic Munich air disaster.
But we are completely different,if we were to erect a statue to all our hero's,we would rival the Vatican,and would have more construction work going on than Dubai,where would you start??,and where would you finish??,the older fans would certainly pay homage to players like John Thomson,Jimmy Mc Grory,Patsy Gallacher,Charlie Tully,Bobby Collins,Bobby Evans,right through to the Lisbon Lions and up to Henrik Larsson,but as i said,we cant put statue's up to them all,my only worry is that,by paying respect to one player,we make the others feel disrespected.
I would like to make it clear to everone,all our players,both past and present are hero's to the Celtic fans,that is another thing that makes us unique,we have one big Celtic family,and everyone is equal within that family,Jimmy might still be playing his part for the team,the next time the Rangers team bus arrives at Celtic park,they might refuse to get off when they see Jinky waiting on them.

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Re: A Pantheon in Paradise

Postby conorbhoy » Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:33 pm

Good thread, I agree, but i suppoe all the celtic legands know that Jinky was, and probably always will be, Celtic F.C's greatest ever player

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Re: A Pantheon in Paradise

Postby max » Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:59 am

Great post and a very good point, Jinky was one of our own who lived the dream, a player loved by all timdom above all others, that's whay he was voted "the Greatest ever Celt", to call the we man the greatest ever Celtic player's another thing.
Video footage is everything in such discussions, we have little footage of the likes of Charlie Tully, Patsy Gallagher, Jimmy McGrory....etc, but have a bit more of the Lisbon Lions years as SOME games were televised. Later ofcourse, with the advent of cable tv companies and satelite television, we see every second of every game (if you can afford it) and any good or skillfull play, including goals etc, in minut detail again and again from every angle in full High Definition, glorious technicolour.
I wonder how we would feel about these older Bhoys if we had the opportunity to see them in the same light, with the same technology.
Personally I've watched (as I'm sure we all have) Henke Larssons DVDs again and again (no hardship folks) and to say Jinky was a better football player for Celtic than Henke is a very moot point.
I go back to the start here, Jinky for me is most definitely the "Greatest EVER Celt", and his statue is a great monument to the wee mans contribution to the history of the club, and thoroughly deserved, but should also stand as a tribute to the era and team he played in at the time and what they achieved for our great club.

Just to keep the record straight I love Jimmy Johnstone and his memory with all my heart and the joy he brought to this wee 7 year old Bhoy in 67 and the following years is immesurable, and could never be replaced, and that's why Jinky is and ALWAYS will be "THE GREATEST EVER CELT", but greatest ever Celtic player?

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