Recognition of Big Billy

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Recognition of Big Billy

Postby World Cup » Tue Nov 19, 2013 2:22 pm

I have just joined the forum and here is some background info. I am originally from Coatbridge and my first game was the Scottish cup final in ‘65. I am now living in Perth Australia and in 2008 I ran the Perth CSC convention where Billy, Murdo, Dixie, Wispy and their wives attended plus Agnes Johnstone.

Over the weekend I re- watched a dvd called “Cesar – The Billy McNeill story” and found it a great production and a very accurate and interesting story of his career with Celtic starting from 1958, his upbringing in Bellshill, through his playing career, to his 2 stints as manager - over 30 years in total. There was also the Tribute dinner to him on Friday night in Glasgow which must have been a wonderful occasion.

I have always been baffled to the fact that he does not get a mention in the Willie Maley song. No disrespect to some of the players mentioned but he has been voted Celtic’s greatest ever Captain and I believe he is one of the top 5 people who have made Celtic what they are. The others being Brother Walfrid, Willie Maley, Jimmy McGrory, and Jock Stein.

To be manager of the team that won the double in the 1988 Centenary year was not only a wonderful achievement on its own – especially having not long taking over again as manager. But one other very important aspect to that league win was it stalled the sequence of wins by the rangers - or else they would have the 10, or maybe 11, in a row as they had won the league in 1987.

I don't know how to go about it, but is it worth considering adding "and Big Billy too" at the end of the lines James McGrory and Paul McStay” - and also 'Murdoch, Auld and Hay" in the song.

My point is that by adding the name of Big Billy to the name of players in the song, would allow the fans to sing this at the games and provide a public recognition for his standing in the club.

I do think the fans would also find this helpful as a number I have spoken with over the years also can’t understand why he was missed off in the song in the first place. I would appreciate your thoughts and how this could be achieved.

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