Where DO Celtic Bhoys Go

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Where DO Celtic Bhoys Go

Postby canadiangael » Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:01 pm

May22, 2007

Where do Celtic Bhoys Go when they make the Final Trip home

Where do Celtic Bhoys go when they make their final trip home?
They go to the land of Jinky, it’s called their Paradise home
When they land up there, they’re greeted with flair with Celtic Bhoys around
There are lots of others beside them, as they kiss the Holy ground
They stand beside each other; you can hear the Celtic sound
With friends they’ve lost, they stand together; they sing “you’ll never walk alone”
The Big Man’s there with a Celtic scarf, his eyes are full of joy
He knows them all as he stands tall, I’m glad that he’s a Bhoy
If he’s not we’d still accept him as he is our greatest joy
Jinky is at the right side, the Big man knows his place
At the left side stands another bhoy Charlie Tully from our Celtic race
The angels arrange the Saturday game, Celtic scarves they wear
With all the Bhoys making lots of the noise, they sing the Celtic song
The other big man stands beside them as he joins and sings our song
Celtic Bhoys have made the trip home to their Paradise in the sky
They take their place with the Celtic greats; you can join them if you try?
When you stand at Parkhead and look to the sky, you may hear angels sing
If you’re lucky, you may even see the Big Man doing the Highland fling

Gerrard McGeachy

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