Client Ref Number Being Declined

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Client Ref Number Being Declined

Postby Sean Finegan » Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:11 pm

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Has anyone encountered a failed message when you log onto Celtic Ticket Office's Ticketmaster? I entered my Client Ref and Surname into the boxes and it got declined saying it was already active so I asked for a new password and I went through those for 20 minutes maybe 25 minutes getting new passwords etc, BUT...when I did log on it showed me a different Client Ref Number and it showed me all my recent purchases up too 2011.

Can I ask if anyone else has encountered these faults? And if so what did you do too solve the problem? I emailed them I know I won't get a response til Monday at the earliest, but I'm wanting too know if anyone else is encountering these problems.



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