No Newco Without Severe Sanctions

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No Newco Without Severe Sanctions

Postby Nonewcoi » Sun May 06, 2012 10:30 am

McCoist,Smith,Jardine and Rangers Supporters Groups have threatend the SPL clubs with the removal of the ticket money from Rangers Supporters attending away games at their grounds if they don't vote for Rangers to be allowed back into the SPL as a Newco.
These clubs are assuming that Celtic fans will accept this. The Celtic fans should issue a statement that they will boycott these clubs 'for ever' if they vote a Newco into the SPL without severe sanctions.
It is time for a representative of the Celtic fans to speak. If these clubs cannot live within their means then we should not prop. them up, they have done us no favours in the past. We need to take a stand. The withdrawl of the Celtic Supporters away support would have a similar effect to the withdrawl of the Rangers Supporters and we should make this clear. Ideally the SPL chairmen should be aware of this potenial action before the vote.
We should also not be blackmailed into accepting a Newco because we would be bored with winning the league easily, no one complained about this when Rangers were winning 9 in a row, let's go for 10 in a row.

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Re: No Newco Without Severe Sanctions

Postby barney » Sun May 06, 2012 6:35 pm

My letter to Celtic FC

Dear Mr Lawell

I am writing to the you, as Chief Executive of the club that I have faithfully supported from the age of 5 today to express my concern over these proposals. If Rangers FC are found by the First Tier Tax Tribunal to owe HM Government taxes as a result of the miss-use of EBT facilities, and that decision (again, if so found) is a trigger to the liquidation of Rangers FC, then that club will have built up (according to the administrators) c£134 million pound debt. Indeed if there is a switch from oldco to newco this week, the same applies

I do not believe that re-entry into the SPL for any newco could be justified, in sporting or in moral terms, where re-entry into the SPL under the shell of a new legal entity will in effect allow the previous club to write off substantial debts, for little financial penalty. That would destroy sporting integrity, and the wider value in the SPL for fans like myself and indeed sponsors.

I am a season ticket holder and have been for many years. My intention for the coming season is to apply via Zebra finance on 18th May to renew .Once approved, I will have 14 days cooling off period .If Celtic (you) do not come out with a strong statement against newco in the SPL, I will cancel my application at that time. For years I have spent money travelling all over in support of the club I love, however, failure to act in the interests of fairness in obtaining a level playing field for the future benefit of the game, will leave me no option as I would judge Celtic being complicit in allowing rules to be broken at will with no or little retribution..

If the SPL vote in favour of these proposals, or if proposals emerge that do not reasonably address the financial benefits that Rangers FC, or indeed any other club that goes down that path have gained, then I will lose much faith in the sporting nature of Scottish football. I would also question if I could follow a club that held values, which were not centred on sporting integrity.

As such I hope, that Celtic FC under your stewardship, will do its best to seek reasonable rules that support sporting integrity. In my view, if liquidated any newco should seek to join Scottish football in Division 3 and then work hard to earn the right to re-emerge in the top flight. That would also include Celtic FC, if the club (God forbid) found itself in that position.

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