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The Last Straw

Postby darkduff » Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:56 pm

I think it's time we admit that Lennon isn't the right man for the job, and start looking at alternatives.

Tho I can't see and big name managers taking the job with spending that is non-existant and the fact that we are struggling against team we were scoring 20+ goals against last term. I have never felt this down about a celtic squad there seems a lack of interest from players to the board, there was again no investment in the squad this summer either funds weren't made availble or there was a niave thought that the squad we had was good enough? A squad that finished second to a team that is on the verge of ecomonical collapse!

The current campaign has been a joke, the fact that kilmarnock where 3-0 up at half time no matter how heroic our fight back is unacceptable. We can no longer blindly follow Lennon " 'cos he's one of us" reasoning that smacks the worst of that dogma coming from snake mountain... to blindly follow without question?! Is that what we have to do!?

Lennon is done... a good coach maybe but never a manager...

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