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"Life Changes."

The world was old when he died
And now it is young again.
Though he was young, he gave his all.
"A Criminal" they said and they gave him a uniform,
A high title too, before he died.
They nailed him to a tree.
"Let Him Renounce Himself, And We Shall See".
Life Changes Brother,
Does not die
Bobby Sands.

"Blessed Are The Peacemakers".

The political changes of our times, momentous as they have been, have driven changes in our society and our culture. How long will the five states which make up the "British Isles" continue to exist? The metropolis which is London is practically a state within a state. It could arguably, jetison the rest of England and would anyone hardly notice? Perhaps! But the current political make-up of these islands is, arguably, up for negotiation! It could be that an opportunity has arisen, to settle amicably, the disputes which have raged for centuries. An opportunity perhaps, to reconcile Gael with Saxon, Protestant with Catholic, Celtic and Rangers, British neighbour with British neighbour.
We may be witnessing, in our time, a unique opportunity to utilise and optimise our unique geographical location here in these "British Isles". As geography can drive politics, just as politics can derive and benefit from geography, so we could be witnessing a watershed opportunity in time, to positively and historically shape our land to encompass a better future for all its peoples. Historical differences between the people of these islands, the intertwined religion and culture of five nation states may be afforded a window of opportunity in time and perhap a chance to reconcile our differences and move forward together with a new and positive mutual understanding. The groundwork for any such change having effectively been done with the initiation of a process of reconciliatiation beginning with the Irish "Peace Process" and the signing of the Good Friday Agreement. That agreement has taken the bullet and therefore, for the most part, violence out of Irish society and the spill-over it caused geographically, through a network of interlinked people and traditions. When one member is hurting, all members feel the pain also. And so we are more able to work together now and move forward confidently and equally, with an understanding of the others opinion; or at least the opportunity to hear their opinion, the lack of which was so often the cause of difficulty and division in the past
Holistically we are blessed as a nation in that we, as a singular people of these islands, have been able historically, to hold on to the tenets of our Faith. We serve God most sincerely and honestly when we show respect for one another and when that respect is reciprocated. Perhaps that is the lesson of history. We have much to learn from one another. Inwardly, we all have a desire to live in peace and harmony. Small mindedness, petty grudges nor carmudgeonly meanness should be allowed to stand in our way. There is a great outcome being determined by us and for us in here in our own time. May we all play our part, in our own way, to maximise the benefit of that outcome. Dia isteagh in Erin agus Biochis le Dia.

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