European Convention in Santa Ponsa and Globespan

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European Convention in Santa Ponsa and Globespan

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:53 pm

With the announcement of Globespan going into administration we know that people who have booked packages with them to attend the CSA Convention in Santa Ponsa will understandably be worried, we have contacted John Semple about the situation, John and his staff are already working hard to ensure that those booked with Globespan will be transferred to another carrier, we would hope to have more information in the next 48 hours.

[B:8c59c564]ABTA C8261 and ATOL 5919 for your financial protection[/B:8c59c564]

[SIZE=2:8c59c564][B:8c59c564]From:[/B:8c59c564] Football Travel newsletter [] [/SIZE:8c59c564]
[SIZE=2:8c59c564][B:8c59c564]Sent:[/B:8c59c564] 17 December 2009 11:35[/SIZE:8c59c564]
[SIZE=2:8c59c564][B:8c59c564]To:[/B:8c59c564] Brian Laurie[/SIZE:8c59c564]
[SIZE=2:8c59c564][B:8c59c564]Subject:[/B:8c59c564] Globespan, Scotlands Largest Airline in Administration[/SIZE:8c59c564]

[COLOR=#ff0000:8c59c564][B:8c59c564][COLOR=#006633:8c59c564][SIZE=5:8c59c564][B:8c59c564]Convention[/B:8c59c564] [/SIZE:8c59c564][B:8c59c564][SIZE=5:8c59c564]2010[/SIZE:8c59c564][/B:8c59c564][/COLOR:8c59c564][/B:8c59c564][/COLOR:8c59c564][COLOR=#ff0000:8c59c564]
[B:8c59c564][COLOR=#ff0000:8c59c564][B:8c59c564][SIZE=4:8c59c564]SANTA PONSA, MAJORCA[/SIZE:8c59c564][/B:8c59c564][/COLOR:8c59c564][/B:8c59c564]

[B:8c59c564][COLOR=#006633:8c59c564][B:8c59c564][SIZE=4:8c59c564]18 May 2010 [/SIZE:8c59c564][/B:8c59c564][/COLOR:8c59c564][/B:8c59c564]


[B:8c59c564]Scotlands Largest Airline in Administration[/B:8c59c564]

[B:8c59c564]As you may be aware as of 17:30hrs on the 16th of December 2009 Globespan went into admistration. [/B:8c59c564]

[B:8c59c564]The John Semple Travel Management Team are currently in negotiations with several airlines to reprotect all clients on to alternative airlines. [/B:8c59c564]
[B:8c59c564]The majority of people are currently booked on Thomas Cook Flights. Those that were booked with Globespan will be contacted shortly.[/B:8c59c564]

[B:8c59c564]Further information will appear on the following page of our website: [/B:8c59c564]


[SIZE=2:8c59c564][B:8c59c564]Thank you for your patience and understanding[/B:8c59c564][/SIZE:8c59c564]

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