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"Please Support This very Worthy Appeal"

We ask that all Celtic fans support this very worthy appeal, no matter how little you can contribute, it will be greatly appreciated, the Celtic fans are rightly world renowned for their support of those in need, not only in monetary terms but also in moral and spiritual support. If anyone is in need of any further information please feel free to contact us.
Joe O'Rourke
General Secretary


To the Celtic support,

Several hours after Rangers won the SPL in May, a husband and father of four called Kevin McDaid was attacked and brutally murdered by bigots in Coleraine, County Derry in the North of Ireland.

The attackers had conspired in a public house to go and 'Kill a Taig', a Taig being a derogatory term for someone religiously Catholic and ethnically and nationally Irish. Kevin was viciously attacked and died as result of the injuries that had been brutally inflicted upon him.

In the ensuing moments Kevin's wife was also attacked by the mob, leaving her with various bruises and two black eyes. Almost at the same time Damian Fleming,a neighbour and friend of Kevin McDaid was also attacked, the modus operandi the same, a baying mob inflicting serious injuries around his head.

Amazingly Damian survived but is still in hospital today, over a month after the brutal attacks.

Celtic fans, both in Ireland and Scotland have decided it would be fitting if the Celtic family could come together and make a contribution to help in some way which will offer Mrs McDaid and her four children some financial security as they contemplate the future without a loving husband and father. Kevin, a lifelong Celtic supporter worked within the community to try to bring people together, perhaps ironically his presence in the streets20that evening was to help diffuse tensions in and around the area.

A bank account has been opened in the North of Ireland with one sole purpose,to donate to the family of Kevin McDaid. The plan is that this account will remain open until 13th November 2009, after which time Kevin McDaid's widow will be able to withdraw the monies raised and use it as she sees appropriate in assisting in the upbringing of the four children.

I can appreciate that this is a time of year when people have to prioritise regarding financi al outlay,many have to contend with a plethora of matters where expenditure is essential. If you can donate anything towards the future of the McDaid family it is a wonderful and worthwhile gesture and in many ways reinforces the whole concept of the Celtic family and is a gesture that is warmly appreciated by the whole McDaid family at such a difficult period, exacerbated by the fact there is still a death threat in place from bigots against Ryan McDaid, the oldest of the four children and a lifelong Celtic fan.

There is a minimum contribution of £1.00 or €1.00. If you are outwith the jurisdiction of both forms of currency then can we ask you apply that minimum to the currency where you reside. The bank account that has been opened will incur no expenses or charges, nor will be any monies withdrawn in the set timeframe.

Alternatively, we would also be very receptive to any fundraising initiatives undertaken by indiv idual Celtic=2 0Supporters Clubs with some examples cited being football cards en route to matches, raffles, race nights, auctions etc. The envisaged outcome is that after 13th November 2009 the monies raised will be presented in the form of a cheque to Mrs McDaid and her family.

The first and only withdrawal from this account will be made by Mrs McDaid alongside those Celtic fans who have initiated this fantastic proposal.

It would be inappropriate to pass comment on the mindsets which brought about the untimely death of Kevin McDaid so can we ask that messageboard and forum users refrain from comments about the attack and associated matters.

This proposal is exclusively to raise funds for the McDaid family and has the support of the McDaid family and also the following -

Affiliation of Registered Celtic Supporters Clubs
Celtic Supporters Association
Association of Irish Celtic Supporters Clubs
Association of Donegal Celtic Supporters Clubs
North American Federation of Celtic Supporters Clubs
Celtic Trust
Australian Celtic Supporters Clubs

The banking details are -

First Trust Bank
156-160 Andersontown Road
BT11 9BY

Account name - Friends of McDaid family
Account number - 06816091
Sort Code - 93-84-75

Methods of donation include -

Internet banking
Telephone banking
In person at your own bank or another branch of your own bank
In person at the bank above or anoth er branch=2 0of First Trust.
Credit/Debit card

Thank you to all the supporters groups involved, the forums who are endorsing this proposal, and to each and every one of you for any contribution.

[/B:5860afdc]Kevin McDaid -


Evelyn McDaid - This is the day after the murder of her husband


Can i please ask if you are intending to circulate this proposal that it is done with the content above and only the content between the lines, including the pictures, as it is thi s content that has been approved by the orgainzers with the approval of the McDaid family.

Again,many thanks to the Celtic family.

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