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" Is it Fortune by name or fortune by nature??"

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2009 12:57 pm
by Joe O'Rourke
Who knows what Marc-Antoine Fortune is thinking, but i think his agent is playing a blinder, it's now reported that Portsmouth have joined the list of interested clubs, that can only mean more interest equals more money for the player and agent, personaly i believe Glasgow Celtic should mean more than money, but i also understand players trying to get the best deal for themselves and their families.
One thing is certain, whether he signs or not, our squad just announced for the trip to Brisbane looks very thin indeed and will need to be improved, we have lost Naka, big Jan, and Paul Hartley, of the eighteen man squad selected, you would have to say at least six will not be first pick players next season, so we cant go with what we have, the only ones missing through injury are Stephen Mc Manus and Scott Brown, obviously time for new recruits.
The other problem is clubs knowing we need players so raising the asking price, we could be held to ransom, as i said before, if the name of Glasgow Celic doesn't mean anything in football terms, then we really are in trouble.
Football has reached and even passed saturation point as far as money is concerned, what the English leagues have been doing for years has helped to cause that, if that wasn't bad enough, Real Madrid have now taken it to a new level that even the English league cant compete with, so where does that leave us ???

Re: " Is it Fortune by name or fortune by nature??"

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:55 am
by jbd
I agree with all the points you make Joe.
Personally I don't think we'll be seeing Mr.Fortune at Celtic Park.
He knows what is on offer from ourselves and Hull. If he was going to choose trophies, medals, etc., then his mind would already be made up. Now, he is waiting to hear what Portsmouth have to offer, so that kinda tells me which way he is about to go. If he chooses the money option, then fair enough.
I've never seen the man play and therefore can't offer an opinion on whether I want him or not. I'll leave that one up to the manager.
What does annoy me about his... will I? won't I?, is that if he eventually says "No thanks", then we may miss out on alternative targets because of lost time.
As you say, we need more players in and we need them in NOW.
If Mr. Fortune can't make up his mind, then Celtic should make up his mind for him and walk away.
yours in Timdom,

Re: " Is it Fortune by name or fortune by nature??"

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:50 pm
by jbd
Seems like I jumped the gun a wee bit, as regards Mr. Fortunes destination.
2+2= er... er...
Well, even I can't get it right EVERY time.:shame:
Tony Mowbray's persistence in chasing his target, and Mr. Fortunes choice of club says a lot for the mutual respect that both men have for each other.
Hope they are both a great success.
C'mon the Hoops.