Wattie and Sally to Referee the last day Matches

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Wattie and Sally to Referee the last day Matches

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Thu May 14, 2009 1:57 pm

The only way the SPL can satisfy the Minister for Integrity Walter Smith, is for him and AllyMcCoist to referee the last two games of the season, Wattie could do the game at Tannadice, and Sally could do our game against Hearts at Celic Park, that would give them the best chance of winning the League, unless the cross the Swine Flu Virus with the Bird Flu Virus, i always said Rankers would win the League when Pigs could fly. He was at it last night again, questioning the linesman Martin Cryans over a disallowed goal, the same as having a go at Tom Murphy before we played them at Snake Mountain, that worked for him as Murphy never made a decision that day, he just followed the referee's lead.
The other scenario could be just as effective, this week Stuart Dougal, a pillar of honesty and integrity, we all know who he supports, will do the Huns game against the Sheepies at Greyskull, the following week is his final game, normal procedure would be that he ges to choose who he want's to referee, bearing in mind his latest fall-out with Craig Levein i dont think he should be allowed to referee the game at Tannadice, in his place they will probably bring back the Sinister MInister.
I would suggest Peter Lawwell has a quiet word in the right place, or take a leaf from Watties book, have a not so quiet word, see if the Laptop Loyal are as quick to report it.
Thats another point that needs to be made by Celtic, trial by television again, Scott Mc Donald will now join Glen Loovens to be tried by the Scottish Media, if my memory serves me well, i think Edu finished the game on Saturday, and was fit enough to play last night, so either it wasn't as bad a tackle as made out, or big Glen's rubbish at being a hardman. As for wee Skippy, again the pressure has been switched conventiently from a muppet referee to a Celtic player,wee Scott certainly caught big Wilkie, and bearing in mind he was out for three years with a knee injury, the mason in middle should have at least given him the benefit of the doubt and stopped the game, so if the tackle was that bad, why isn't the referee's competence being brought into question, if that tackle is dedicated as being dangerous, we might as well pack up now and start watching tennis.
Once again it is in our own hands, lets all get right behind the Manager and the Team, "Here we go for 4 n a Row"

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