Famine Song CD for sale on E-Bay

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Joe O'Rourke
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Famine Song CD for sale on E-Bay

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed May 06, 2009 1:34 pm

Some loyalist bigot is selling copies of the "Famine Song" on e-bay, this song has rightly been designated as blatantly Racist against the Irish Nation, i would urge all Celtc Supporters to get on to e-bay immediately and get this deeply offensive item withdrawn. I also believe that it is a crime to sell racist material on the internet, so it will be interesting to see if Glasgow's finest gets invoved in this vile trade, but i doubt it very much, i dont reember too many being arrested for singing it at football grounds all around the country, lets not forget we live in country where most of us are not welcome.

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Re: Famine Song CD for sale on E-Bay

Postby ChampsOf67 » Wed May 06, 2009 1:56 pm

I reported it as well ....

Have You noticed that the deranged Scottish-football-media [I:258c2feb]think [/I:258c2feb] that it's Better to be in SECOND place in the SPL than "TOP of the league" .... How [I:258c2feb]perverse [/I:258c2feb]!!!!!

They'd of course change Their [I:258c2feb]tune[/I:258c2feb] were Celtic to throw it away at the piggery .... Where being second would then become the Worst position to be in the league in Their ever [I:258c2feb]spinning[/I:258c2feb] minds....

rearrangers & Their cronies in the SPL are at it again with the FIXtures favouring the huns & the media being unable to cognise that "MEN [B:258c2feb]CONSPIRE [/B:258c2feb] AGAINST EACH OTHER IN EVERY ARENA OF LIFE" ....

But [I:258c2feb]NOT[/I:258c2feb] in the SPL Surely !?!? .... That bastion of Honesty & decency & fair-play, were referees CONSPIRED to award Celtic only ONE penalty between 1905 & 1935 ....

Sadly, Men CONSPIRE against other Men in EVERY Walk of Life .... If You WORK THAT OUT Then You've [I:258c2feb]RUMBLED [/I:258c2feb]Them .... ie it's NOT A [I:258c2feb]THEORY, [/I:258c2feb]it's Cold Hard "FACT" & ALL the damage-limitation exercise radio-phone-ins with Their hun apologists attempting to [I:258c2feb]twist[/I:258c2feb] "REALITY" [B:258c2feb]CAN'T[/B:258c2feb] make UP from down, left from Right, Black from white or wrong Right ....

huns cheat & still get beat, END of !!!!

What makes Our Victories even Sweeter is in beating [I:258c2feb]Them [/I:258c2feb]even [B:258c2feb]when [/B:258c2feb]They're "cheating" with the complicit [B:258c2feb]collusion[/B:258c2feb] of the big-wigs & the most disgusting pseudo-journalists in the 1st World !!!!

An idiot is unable to Realise that from the moment They begin to cheat They're already a MONUMENTAL [B:258c2feb]loser[/B:258c2feb]....

What PROVES rangers KNOW They've been done FAVOURS again is when They THEN Say, "We're still raging because There's ANOTHER THING We'd like to be GIVEN to Us" .... In the vain Hope that that CLOUDS Our Memory of what's just been Handed on a Plate to Them ....

The Good News is, They Obviously FEAR Us otherwise They wouldn't feel the NEED to cheat & curry favour with the dodgy-decision-making simpletons suits, Who are STILL sitting QUIETLY on Alan Dicks REPORT on rangers RACIST songs at the last Derby .... Will hell freeze over before They address this OFFICIAL complaint by an Independent Observer <-- Note no question mark ....

Bhoys & Ghirls, Here's to FOUR-In-A-Row against the shameless, unselfaware, knuckle-dragging "primitives," Who would Celebrate winning a Marathon, even if They cheated by getting a taxi to the finish line ....

rearrangers got a Few favours last Season that carried Them all the way to the finish line, but it was Big Jan & The Bhoys Who Breasted The Tape .... Whereafter The Bhoys [B:258c2feb]could[/B:258c2feb] Celebrate "In ALL Conscience" !!!!

I couldn't Enjoy anything I didn't EARN Solely on My Own Merit, as There's NO Way to Achieve that "Deeper Sense" Of Accomplishment [B:258c2feb]Except[/B:258c2feb] by Doing So "FAIRLY" .... But that Word's NOT in a huns vocabulary, but then neither's 99% of the rest of the English language, [B:258c2feb]I've noticed [/B:258c2feb] ....

The idiot & "shame" are identical-twins separated at birth ....


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Re: Famine Song CD for sale on E-Bay

Postby tdynes » Wed May 06, 2009 2:04 pm

to report on ebay

select item and at the bottom select report this item or
from contact us you can report an item.

prohibited items then offensive material

you will be asked for item no.160331673552

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