Very Important Info re: NAFCSC Vegas Convention

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Very Important Info re: NAFCSC Vegas Convention

Postby AlbertBymn » Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:48 pm


For the attention of all supporters attending the NAFCSC Annual Convention in Las Vegas 7th -14th June 2009[/COLOR:51c9de8e]
[COLOR=Black:51c9de8e]It is very important that the NAFCSC have a clear understanding of the numbers travelling to this years convention.

If you are travelling from the U.K or Ireland and staying at The Riviera Hotel, having made your travel arrangements independently (i.e. not with the official agent - Semple Travel), please advise the federation of the following:-

[/COLOR:51c9de8e] [COLOR=Black:51c9de8e]1) Number in your party[/COLOR:51c9de8e]

[COLOR=Black:51c9de8e]2) Number of rooms booked[/COLOR:51c9de8e]

[COLOR=Black:51c9de8e]3)Who the rooms have been booked with (i.e.[/COLOR:51c9de8e][COLOR=Black:51c9de8e]Expedia etc.)[/COLOR:51c9de8e] [COLOR=Black:51c9de8e]

[/COLOR:51c9de8e] [COLOR=Black:51c9de8e]Please forward this information along with your name to [EMAIL=""][B:51c9de8e][/B:51c9de8e][/EMAIL:51c9de8e]

The NAFCSC very much appreciate
your co-operation[/COLOR:51c9de8e]

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