What happened to Murray Park ???

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Joe O'Rourke
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What happened to Murray Park ???

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:21 pm

I was lucky enough to be at Castle Greyskull yesterday to witness the Celtic Reserves clinch eight titles in a row, and well done to the Green Brigade for providing the flags and banners, and for giving Alan Mc Gregor a very uncomfortable afternoon with their singing and chanting.
But it begs the question what happened to Murray park???, when Sir Minty opened his academy about ten years ago, he assured anyone who would listen that this would be a conveyor belt of talent, well worth the money being spent, well not on yesterdays evidence, and not on the evidence of the last eight seasons, when Cetic have been Champions of the Reserve League every year. This year Celtic are now nine points ahead of Rankers wih a game in hand with two to play, a skoosh case of a League.
The best player on the park yesterday wasn't boy wonder John Fleck, it was Celtic's own Bhoy Wonder Simon Ferry, but Fleck has at least picked up some tips from his senior mentors, he stormed off the pitch at full time without shaking any of the young Celtic players hands. Special praise is also due to Paddy Mc Court, he ran the Rankers ragged the whole game, if Paddy can find an end product to his game he could be some player for us, his fellow countryman on the other wing Nail Mc Ginn had a good game as well.
So congratulations to Willie Mc Stay and Danny McGrain for a magnificent achievement, and to all the Bhoys, a special word for a Port Bhoy Mark Millar, Mark had a great season in centre midfeld, then got injured near the end, but he managed to get himself fit enough to take part yesterday.
Here's to Nine in a Row next year

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Re: What happened to Murray Park ???

Postby jbd » Thu Apr 30, 2009 6:55 pm

It must have been a joy, indeed, to win the league at Ipox of all places.
Well done Willie Mc Stay, Danny McGrain and all the backroom staff.
Let's not forget our under 19's who have also enjoyed a great deal of success these last 8-10 years.
All this in spite of the Murray Park conveyor belt of talent, while our bhoys, for the most, trained at Barrowfield.
Seems like dribbling around all the doggy doos has done our bhoys the world of good.
Three points on Saturday could set us up to finish the big HUNS the following week in their own midden.

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