Early St Patrick's Day Celebration

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Early St Patrick's Day Celebration

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:34 pm

I think Blessed Saint Patrick was looking down on us at Hampden, two Sons of Erin, scoring against the Sons of Satan, how good can it get??, and a fair point made by Gordon, two players who have came through the ranks at Celtic, the joy on both their faces showed how much they love playing for Celtic, a stark contrast to "Mr Angry" captain Barry, ably matched by another Mr Angry "Boydy", when he scores you'd think he won the lottery, but then lost the ticket.
And what about the great Rangers fans???, i've never seen them leave a ground so quickly, and in such numbers, you would normally get the real hard core just staying out of defiance, but not yesterday, when Barry led his players up the stairs there must have been less than 300 still in the stadium,not even enough left to mount their usual attack on the celebrating Celtic team, my thoughts were that they have left to set up the ambushes for the jubilant Celtic fans leaving to attend early St Patrick's day functions, but i think they realise now that it could be a long time before they are the dominant force in Scottish football again, "Oh the Rangers are ?????, i've forgotten the rest of the words.
So lets all get right behind the team now and push on to 4 in a Row, Glasgow Celtic Champions na na na na na na na.

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