Big Mouth Butcher

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Big Mouth Butcher

Postby Joe O'Rourke » Mon Mar 02, 2009 4:48 pm

I note Terry Butcher has now become an authority on football again, after three games as a manager he wants to tell anyone who will listen just exactly who is best in Scotland. He said that Motherwell are a better team than Celtic, would that be because they had just beaten his team, we all know he has great affection for Celtic, he must have, he scored a few goals against the Sons of Satan for us, unfortunately for him he was playing for them at the time.
He also tells us that Wattie is a fantastic manager, and that he deserved the credit for nine in row, i wonder how his team will perform on Wednesday night at Snake mountain, lets hope they tackle and fight as they did against us, but i doubt it.
Butcher to be fair had a decent playing career, he won a few caps for his beloved England, he was a legend in his own lunch time, when Diego Maradona described his famous goal in the 1986 world cup, he said i went past the England number 6, he didn't even know his name.
When you look at his managerial career thats completely different, he started at Coventry, sacked, he went to Sunderland, sacked, he was appointed assistant to Eric Black at Motherwell, when Eric left Butcher got the job, i suppose the highlight of that tenure would have been getting beat 5-1 by the forces of darkness in the cup final, next stop was the dizzy hights of the mighty Sydney FC, sacked again, next to follow was another giant of the game Brentford, you've guessed it haven't you, sacked again. So where do we go now, who's going to give this muppet a job in football, not his beloved Rangers, not even Ipswich town, and no not even England who he spilled blood for, who comes up with the goods, none other than Scotlands national team, the team he loved to beat nearly as much as Celtic, you couldn't make it up.
So he has now arrived in that football capital of Inverness, he has all moonbeams poodles hanging on his every word, he continues to embarrass himself with his infantile statements and actions, like refusing to talk to or shake hands with arguably the greatest player that ever lived, our Diego, i've a couple of pieces of advice for Big Mouth Butcher, if you intend to say something in public, make sure your brain's engaged before you put your mouth in gear, and for gods sake dont lose George Burly's phone number, i'm sure you'll need it pretty soon.

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